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Jun 6, 2007 09:05 PM

Mon-Thurs: 4 dinners in Chicago under $60 a person

I'm looking for under $60 per person, which includes a glass of wine, entree, app. (possibly to split), tax, and tip. Would love to do great Thai, sushi, burgers, and italian, but would consider other fare. Also, since I'm staying downtown, being close to there would be a plus but I'll travel wherever. I look forward to hearing any input. Thanks.

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  1. Check out the 3-course prix fixe dinner at Opera on Tuesday nights. Any appetizer, main course, and dessert from the menu for $25. Food is really good and the price is a steal.

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    1. re: masha

      Thanks masha. I'll definitely check that out on Tuesday night. Here's what it's looking like so far:
      Monday- Vong's Thai Kitchen
      Thursday-Cafe Spiaggia

      If anyone wants to nix one of those for another option I'm all ears.

      1. re: chucktowneater

        Cafe Spiaggia and Mirai are excellent options, two of my favorite restaurants in the city.

        I like Vong's a lot, but its not up to the same standard as Cafe Spiaggia and Mirai. There's nothing wrong with it, but you can probably find something better.

        Your week is really heavy on Asian food. If you'd like to add another non-Asian option, I would consider Boka or Aigre Doux (bonus: there's a burger on the lunch menu at Aigre Doux, although I'm not sure if its on the dinner menu, though).

        1. re: SuzMiCo

          Cafe Spiaggia would be pushing the $60.00 limit, but it can be done.

          Consider Osteria via Stato $35.00 prix fix. Lots of food, huge wine selection

          1. re: sarge

            I've read a lot of great things about Aigre Doux, so I'll look into that. Is the burger available for dinner as well?
            As for Cafe Spiaggia, I think it can be done within reason. I looked at the menu, and we could do the carpaccio ($14), two pastas ($34), dessert ($8) 2 glasses of wine ($20) tax and tip for about $100, which works. Is Osteria's food as good or better? If so, I'll gladly reconsider.

            1. re: chucktowneater

              Osteria's food is not as good, but it is definitely more plentiful.

            2. re: sarge

              Yeah, I don't think Cafe Spiaggia can be done (or at least done right) for $60 total...before tax and tip, maybe. You may leave hungry from Mirai at $60, too. They are both worth the extra bucks, however.

              VTK (Vong's) is great for lunch...the prix-fixe is a real bargain and I've found that the food and service tends to bet better at lunch. I don't go there for dinner anymore.

              Scylla is a little further away on Damen, but has a super-creative menu and really reasonable prices (recently lowered, actually).

              The $25 3-course at Opera may be the best deal in the city.

              1. re: Pugman

                So no dice on Cafe Spiaggia or Mirai for $120 for me and a date with only a glass of wine each? Usually if I'm not going for omakase $60 will get me enough sushi at most places including tax and tip. Mirai must be pretty expensive. I'll check out Scylla as well.