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Jun 6, 2007 08:31 PM

Where should 50 women eat in Manhattan?

I'm organizing a girlfriend getaway in late August for 50 single women from Canada!

I need a few recommendations for a great restaurant that has a Prix-fix menu that can accomodate larger parties on a Friday or Saturday night ($50 per person).

We'd like to eat in Manhattan (staying mid-town east).

Looking forward to our girls' weekend!

Any help is much appreciated ;-)

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  1. HunkMania Male Revue? ;)

    I wonder if Landmarc at the Time Warner Center would take all of you. Maybe you could pre-arrange to pay 4 or 5 ppl to a bill? Or just make eight reservations of 6 or more people, each? They don't have prix fixe, but prices--esp. for the wine--are pretty fair and the service very friendly.

    Most places in NYC won't have this kind of space. Of the ones I know that do, none has a prix fixe menu. And no place is going to be happy with seating 50 people unless you rent the restaurant for the evening.

    Have you considered breaking up into smaller groups and spreading yourselves around? All 50 people won't be able to talk to each other anyway. And if you're 50 single women who are *looking* -- well, even approaching two women at a time is intimidating for many men, let alone 50.

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      Agree with cimui, 50 is tough and you might want to make your reservations in smaller numbers. I have had client dinners for 30+ (we split the group in half) in the small upstairs private room at Del Frisco's (it was cozy/tight for 16+) and at the Sea Grill at Rock Center (2 tables of 8+). Carmine's might be able to accomodate 50, but why come to NYC just to eat good (not great) Italian food? You can go to far better restaurants if you use cimui's approach.

      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        Darn, for a sec, I thought you were agreeing with me that HunkMania Male Revue is the greatest.

        cveenstra, I'm liking financialdistrictresident's Del Frisco's suggestion. I know the wine cellar holds 50, but since I've never personally paid for it, I don't now how much it'll set you back. Just be forewarned that your bellies will leave happy, but you probably won't want to do anything too active for the rest of the night.

        1. re: cimui

          I didn't know they had a wine cellar. Good to know. Thanks, cimui. Any fine dining near HMR?

          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            HMR *is* fine dining, my friend--for the eyes. And I'm sure they'll travel to her no matter which fine dining establishment OP decides upon that evening. It might be against fire code in the Del Frisco wine cellar, but if just one of the ladies would take one for the team and eat at the bar, the rest of you will fit just fine.

      2. re: cimui

        No way will Otto work. No way. Fri or Sat is really a problem, although you might do better in late August when half the city is away. Of course, half the restaurants are closed, too. What about a huge Chinese or the BR Guests are a good idea. You can google them. Redeye Grill in midtown. Vento downtown (meat packing) lots of these places also have private dining rooms but they charge you for that real estate, too. Del Posto has a million private are going to have to get on the phone and call. As for the prix fixe, that size party, they'd probably be happier with it.

        1. re: whit565

          I had a bday dinner at Otto last year. We had the round table and there were 4 other large groups where they pushed together the other tables. If you plan far enough in advance you could probably reserve all of those tables. It is worth a try. FYI Del Posto will break the budget - as will several of the other options. Chinese is a good idea especially for one of the big places like JiFong.

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            Red Eye Grill has a private room upstairs. We had our holiday dinner there one year. Not sure if it can accomodate 50.

        2. We had our company event at Gabriel's right by the Time Warner Center of 50 people, they did a prix fixe menu for us as and arranged an open bar for socializing before everyone sat down for their meal. I'm not sure their budget but sans the open bar, you might be able to fit it in yours.

          1. Maybe divide people into three groups and give each one a 'unique' dining experience somewhere. Meet up at a club later where people can mingle and talk about what they ate and what they liked and did not like. You could choose three tourist-y 'destination' restaurants in the Times Square area, for example.

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              1. If you all want to eat together, you're going to have to book a private room in a large restaurant or hotel or take over an entire restaurant for the evening. There's no restaurant that would be able to handle serving a group of 50 within the main part of the restaurant. Either way, it's going to be pricey. Does that $50 include drinks?

                I suggest you contact the catering dept. at BR Guest. They own a chain of reasonably well respected restaurants of all sorts and are good at catering.

                You also might want to investigate either chartering a yacht or going on one of the larger ones as a group.

                Where are you all staying?

                Whatever you're planning, I hope you're making arrangements through group sales departments of various suppliers. You'll save a lot, esp. for things like theater.

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                1. re: mclaurie

                  Mclaurie is right, BRGuest Restaurants will pretty accomodating. We've done group parties at Dos Caminos and they were able to put together a prix fixe menu and section off an area just for us.

                  1. re: kelea

                    I hosted a luncheon for 45 women at Molyvos last year. They were wonderful, gracious, reasonably priced (for NYC) and the food was delicious. If you are willing to go after 7:30 when the theater crowd clears out, you could probably have dinner there.

                  2. re: mclaurie

                    Love the cruise idea. Only one caveat - are there any cruises with really good food? I tried to plan a cruise holiday party last year and what stopped us from going the cruise route was the food choices.