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Jun 6, 2007 07:09 PM

Creole Creamery vs Angelo Brocato's

I've noticed that everyone mentions Angelo Brocato's for ice cream, but no one ever mentions Creole Creamery. I've never been to Bracato's before, mainly because Creole always hit's the spot. Have I made a terrible mistake?

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  1. well, first of all, angelo brocato's is gelato and not ice cream. I love the pistachio at brocato's. I do like creole creamery a lot as well. I just advise to try brocato's and make your own choice. They are equally good at what they do.

    1. We're talking apples and oranges here. Try Brocato's Italian ices - the raspberry and mango are my favorites. And the seed cookies! Then there's the spumoni, cassate and cannoli. This is just like you get it in Piazza Navonna in Rome. Creole Creamery is more homegrown - just about the best (and richest!) American style ice cream in town.

      1. I always found Creole Creamery's ice cream names to sound better than they ended up tasting, but it is a different place from Angelo Brocato's. However, you have made a mistake to never to try A.B. because their gelato and ices are the best in town and they have an assortment of pastries and cookies that will make you feel like you were back in Old Itlay. Even if you have never been there!

        A.B. is closed this week for vacation.

        1. Yes, you have. Brocato's is 101 years don't make it that long in business without a commitment to quality. B's is more than just gelato & ices...their flavors are traditional, yet completely satisfying. Do yourself a favor and go to Brocato's often. Have a hazelnut italian ice cream soda, or a torrincino, or (my favorite) a scoop of straciatella & one of pistachio in the same cup. Take home some cannoli for later.

          CC is tasty, esp the chocolate flavors, but they're two really different places. To me, it seems like CC shoots for the parents & kiddies crowd, with lots of far-out flavors and unusual (at least in ice cream) flavors. The ice cream is super-rich and often almost fluffy.

          I must admit that La Divini Gelateria is tied with Brocato's these days for my gelato business. I'm hooked on the aztec chocolate (w/cayenne), and the creme brulee is excellent.

          1. Brocato's is fantastic, every flavor they make is incredible. My favorites are the coconut gelato and the lemon ice although I am not allowed to go to family events without bringing cannoli, becuase I live the closest. There is just somthing about the ice cream at creole creamery that I just do not like. It is almost like all the flavor is up front, and there is no after taste. It is also really heavy. I guess that is good for some, but I think it is a bit much. I have never truely been satisfied there.