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Jun 6, 2007 06:56 PM

Family Dim Sum Summer Challenge

I've selfishly decided that a fun summer project would be to eat our way through the local dim sum offerings with our seven and four year-old kids. We've eaten in the past at Yank Sing, Ton Kiang, HKFL Palo Alto and Ming's. I'd appreciate any recent experience or feedback on our choices, since many posts on this subject here and on Yelp are old. Here's our list:

Koi Palace
Fook Yuen
HKFL (my husband was not very impressed with PA, but I would guess Millbrae is better)
Zen Peninsula
ABC Seafood (for the duck special on Sundays, assuming they still do that)
Mr. Fong's
Joy Luck Place (Cupertino)

On the "maybe" list are Mayflower, Dynasy San Jose or Vallco, Parc Hong Kong and a few lesser reported on but close options like China Village and Joy Luck in San Mateo. Are we missing anything great? Anything here not worth our time? We are on the mid-Peninsula, but will travel for CHOW.

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  1. It sounds like you may be hell-bent on avoiding San Francisco, but for what it's worth:

    Gold Mountain
    Y. Ben House
    Great Eastern
    Lichee Garden
    Pearl City
    KL Restaurant
    Lucky Fortune

    The last two are in the Richmond; the others are in Chinatown.

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    1. re: Gary Soup

      Great suggestions, Gary. You have pointed out a huge gap in our plans. How could I not have included Chinatown, especially with the kids? I will definitely expand the search. I thought it would be fun to take the train from our town to the Millbrae outposts, which is why I put so many of those on the list. No reason at all not to head farther north. Thanks for the suggestions.

      1. re: Blythe Latta

        Hong Kong Seafood S&T on Noriega (at 33rd Ave.) in San Francisco's Sunset district is one of my favorite dim sum places in the city. I highly recommend it. By the way, it's also excellent for dinner.

        1. re: Nancy Berry

          Have you been back since the ownership/management change? The first report wasn't so hot.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            We (me, wife, SIL, BIL and MIL) were there about three weeks ago and we all came away quite disappointed. The dim sum seemed heaver and more salt and MSG-laden than we expected, based on the place's past reputation, and it is not a restaurant any of us are likely to return to.

            1. re: Gary Soup

              What a shame, I liked it so much before. Thanks for checking it out.

    2. Sounds fun. I would have loved that as a 7 year old (or 4 year old). Seeing as how you have the whole summer, you have no excuse but to try the places in San Francisco too :) See Gary's post.

      1. Joy Luck in San Mateo. Dynasty.

        1. thank you so much for running this challenge...i'll be in SF in 3 weeks, and i'll definitely use this updated list ... oh and please don't forget to include your budget!

          thanks again!

          1. if i were you i would go back to Yank sing. the soup dumplings are amazing