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Jun 6, 2007 05:06 PM

Vegetarian chow in Chicago?

I'm coming to Chicago over the summer-- what would you suggest for vegetarian chow (coming from Madison, WI, which has pretty good food, considering. Looking for interesting food and perhaps a splurge meal).

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  1. Green Zebra sounds like just what you're looking for.

    1. Definitely Green Zebra http://www.greenzebrachicago.com/ for a splurge and a higher end meal it is not strictly vegetarian but has many vegetarian choices - strictly vegetarian choices include The Chicago Diner http://www.veggiediner.com/ and Blindfaith Cafe in Evanston - http://www.blindfaithcafe.com/ - All are very good -

      1. For a cheap, unique and good meal. I am huge fan of Handlebar. Not many comments on this site about Handlebar from what I have seen thus far, but it really has some interesting options and a hipster atmosphere. I was not a fan of Green Zebra as I felt the food was more for show than to eat, but most of the other recs both in this thread and in past threads are good options. http://handlebarchicago.com/

        1. Don't overlook Lula's in Logan Square. It's small, funky, popular and has a lot of interesting vegetarian options. Nice dinners, but also great brunches. It has a bit of a Madison feel to it, actually. It's the kind of place you'd expect to find in a college town.

          1. One other place I have been wanting to try that I have heard good things about is Amiabul - http://www.amitabul.getwebnet.com/ - Vegan Korean food