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Jun 6, 2007 06:29 PM

Charleston/Isle of Palms - Local, Fresh, and Unaffected

Heading to a family reunion at Isle of Palms in late July. The family loves fresh seafood, having lived for years on Long Island (NY) where the unknown out-of-the-way fresh fish/clam shacks were our Mobil 5 restaurants (and rightfully so). We’re loud and we’re fun, and we love waterside. We may even have some children in tow (ages 10-16), (depending on whether they deserve a night out). We don’t want sophisticated (that’s another visit). We’re hoping someone local will direct us to the same kind of place that we’d recommend in Long Island – local, fresh, and unaffected.

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  1. Boulevard Diner in Mount Pleasant is a local staple. Ma Bowen's if it has reopened since the fire. There is a really good fish market on the right as you get into the Sullivan's Island end of IOP. We always cooked in one evening. I am sure someone on here knows the name of it. I would avoid the The Wreck and Hymans. If you do a search, you can read for days on this topic.

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      Thank you for your reply. This was my first posting. If I can ever return the favor, just ask.

    2. The Boathouse is right there in IOP though it is a little fancy. The fact that it is so close may make the extra $$$ worth it. I do still like The Wreck though it is over priced. It is in Mt P so not too far. Sea Island Grill is supposed to be good though I have never been there.

      Charleston City paper is a good resource for restaurants.

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        second the Boathouse. it has a roof top bar that overlooks the ICW and ocean. great for sunset drinks waiting on your table. i said in another thread that this place has the best crab-corn chowder i've ever had. the key lime pie aint bad either.

        for even more casual... take the trip to shem creek. there's several to choose from there. if you see trucks/suv's with trailer hitches in the lot, eat there. if you see bmw's and no trailer hitches... move on. go where the fishermen are! fishermen RULE!