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Jun 6, 2007 06:04 PM

Shinsay review

Has anyone been to Shinsay in Dallas, we are suppose to dine there next week and just trying to get some feed back on menu price etc. I tried to find a web site but had no luck

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  1. Went several times win it was Yamaguchi's, but have not tried it since. However it's Shinsei, and the site is:

    1. I have eaten there a few times and absolutely love it. Great space, great interior design and really wonderful food. Sushi is really good. Make sure to have the calamari salad and the miso cod and the thai fried rice...

      Highly recommended...

      1. Shinsei is very, very good. The purple basil mojito is a very nice cocktail. We have been several times and have never had a bad meal. My husband's favorite dish is the surf and turf tataki which combines beef and tuna tataki. Appetizers are in the $10-15 range and entrees are all around $25-30. I found everything to be worth the price and the chef's specials, both from the sushi chef and from the executive chef, to be excellent. Service is also very good.

        I'm going back next week for my birthday. Can't wait!

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          Thanks for the info can't wait to go.

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            Want to update everyone on our dining experience at Shinsei. We went on Friday night there were 5 people in our party. We loved the feel of the place very nice and up beat. The service was great. One of the owners I think Lynette was her name was there very friendly and nice. We had some great cocktails I Had a lemon martini that was wonderful, on to the meal we had the seaweed salad, mixed reviews from the table, personally I did not like it. We also had the spicy edamamme very good cooked perfectly. 2 of us had the Special a Hog snapper fried this was outstanding, 2 of us had the black cod also very good, and then 1 person had mussels which he said was fantastic. No dessert to stuffed. All and all a great experience, but a little expensive, I would absolutly go again, but not unless it was a special occassion.