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Jun 6, 2007 06:00 PM

Green Street Restaurant, Cafe Verde, or?

Need a late breakfast/early lunch in Pasadena tomorrow. Which of these 2 is better? What is good at either? Or new suggestions would be welcome. I know about Julienne & Marston's, would like to maybe try something new but really good. This follows a fast & a medical procedure so I will be hungry!

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  1. Never been to Cafe Verde, but Green Street has yummy salads, good egg dishes, and delicious zucchini bread.

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      I have never been to Cafe Verde either but I agree about Green Street salads. My fav is "The Dianne" (A Chinese chicken salad). A mountain of shredded lettuce, sliced almonds, and shredded white meat chicken. This is relly enough for two but better to take home and continue eating it later. The Dianne comes with the zucchini bread and butter. This stuff is really good and they also sell the zucchini bread to take home. I also like eating at this place -- relaxed with class. Maybe thats because it is set back from Lake and all those cars and people.


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        I love this part: "..really enough for two but better to take home and continue eating it later."

        I like your style. :)

    2. Haven't been to Green Street in many years, I didn't really care for it back then but it may have gotten better.
      Went to Cafe Verde recently for breakfast and really enjoyed it. I got the pancakes/eggs/bacon dish. The pancakes are slightly larger than dollar size, but it doesn't say that on the menu. I was a bit disappointed about the bacon, not thick sliced applewood smoked bacon as I expected, but just some cheap bacon. It was enough for me that day, but since it sounds like you'll be pretty hungry, that dish might be a bit small.
      They use Fiestaware serveware, nice touch. The coffee is poured out of a steel with copper bottom coffee pot, also nice. Come to think of it, I may have enjoyed the place more than the dish I got.

      1. Try Mike and Anne's in South Pasadena on Mission, which is just about 1/2 mile SW of Green Street.

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          I wanted to, but they are only open for breakfast on the weekends. I will probably be out by 10-10:30.

        2. I like Green Street. I have to say though that I have tired of the Dianne salad. I think the rest of the restaurant world has caught up to the idea of this salad and pretty much equalled it (but generally with less sugar content in the dressing). Green Street has generous portions, good egg dishes, good sandwiches, other salads besides Dianne, decent pasta, good grilled/sauteed veggies, etc. They've got a full bar but you're just coming off surgery so that Mimosa may have to wait.

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            Thank you everybody. We did go to Green Street. I wasn't as hungry as I expected to be so my husband & I split a Kobe cheese burger (Pepper burger?) on a baguette and an Arroyo salad--greens with black beans, tortilla strips, corn, I think a crumbly white cheese (I can't open the menu on the website for some reason so am winging it by memory, here). The nice server offered to give us half fruit salad & half fries, a nice touch. Most everything was quite tasty; the fries were my least favorite part of the meal--but I usually just sample a few. This time I just ate one. Even with the split I still had some salad and zucchini bread to bring home. And, no one said I couldn't, so I had a glass of champagne! With 2 coffees, price before tip was a reasonable $35.70.

            After that we went around the corner on Colorado on Europane to pick up some goodies to take home--cinammon rolls, lemon bars, cranberry walnut bread, & a peach blueberry tart to share later.

            Fasting isn't that bad but food is good!

            1. re: Babette

              They both have their pros and cons, mostly mentioned above. I agree about the relaxed classy atmosphere at Green St., Cafe Verde has a more bistro and hectic feel, and like someone else mentioned not quite as good a value for the price perhaps (better bacon might be nice, and a little more generous on the portion sizes). Cafe Verde as I recall has a pretty good fruit salad, although it seems I've had better at Marstons.

              I also am not a fries person, so the 1/2 fruit salad and 1/2 fries would be much better. Although you didn't say it point blank, the fries at Green St. did not sound enticing.

              1. re: MaryT

                I guess not so much, as my husband didn't finish them, either. Perhaps we'll go back with our son & let him make an assessment. On the other hand, the 1/2 fruit salad consisted of a nice wedge of sweet pineapple, which we shared, another thick slice of canteloupe, which I consumed, along with a wedge of honeydew which my husband enjoyed--so one could double that portion if ordering just fruit salad on the side if you want to avoid the fries altogether. I think there was another choice of side as well, not sure.