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Jun 6, 2007 05:31 PM

Pls. help me finalize our trip to Mystic

A family trip to Mystic this weekend. We're arriving Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday afternoon in time to have pizza in New Haven for dinner on our way back to NY.

Dinner one night will be Rice Spice Noodles. For the other night, we'd like a traditional New England seafood place. Nothing fancy. One twist is that our 5 yr old chowpup is currently refusing to eat fish, seafood, hot dogs, hamburgers, pb&j or grilled cheese. (sheesh! this kid!) Grilled chicken is very big right now. So, Abbott's doesn't work, since there's nothing to feed the child. I think Costello's has the same problem and, in any case, I don't want to be limited to fried food. Ideally, the menu would have steamers, fried clams, steamed lobster, lobster roll, chowder, some other fish/seafood and, of course, the damn chicken. Not that 2 of us are going to eat all those things for dinner, but you never know who'll be in the mood for what. S&P Oyster House basically seems to work. Sea Swirl comes pretty close. How are those? Anything better to suggest not too far from Mystic?

I know everyone raves about Kitchen Little for breakfast. Just how long is the wait on a nice June weekend morning? And the eggs seem to get all the attention. How are things like pancakes or waffles?

Any place good for ice cream in Mystic?

Lunch we'll figure out, depending on activities, but I'm keeping Mystic Market in mind.

I'm leaning towards Modern Apizza in NH for dinner on Sunday, but does anyone have any fresh words of wisdom on what I assume is the eternal Pepe's/Sally's/Modern debate?


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  1. The fried clams at Sea Swirl are legendary. It is a great choice provided the weather cooperates. It is purely takeout with picnic tables. Some covered. You should find chicken strips there. It is not "purely" fried food, but if you go, that is what you should order.

    As for Abbott's, I wouldn't ignore the possibility that you pack up some chicken strips at a grocery (or nuggets at MacDonalds) and bring them with you. While they technically do not permit "outside food", they aren't going to complain about what you feed a 5 year-old. Just don't be too obvious. You will spend enough money there that they won't care. And if they do, buy a pb&j from them and feed it to the fish. Bottom line, if you want fried clam, go to Sea Swirl. If you want steamers, lobster, lobster rolls etc., go to Abbott's irrespective of their menu choices for a 5 year-old.

    Drawbridge Ice Cream is the place to go in downtown Mystic for ice cream. can't miss it. It is literally at the draw bridge.

    Can't help with Kitchen Little. I just don't enjoy breakfast foods enough to wait in line for them, so I have never gone.

    On to Modern/Pepe's/Sally's. Call me a heretic, but I think this debate is purely academic. If you come from an area where this style and quality of pizza is not available (which is 97% of the U.S.), any of the three will thrill you. If you live 20 minutes away and go to New Haven often, then you will dine at each enough to develop subtle favorites. But one person's favorite is another person's turn-off. I have heard people complain about burnt crusts at Pepe's. But that is one of the features I like best about it. I find Sally's to be greasier than Pepe's. But that is what Sally's die-hards love about it. In reality, the debate is one of splitting hairs. Is a Rolls Royce better than a Bentley? And what about a Maybach? If you are used to driving a Hundai, you'd take any of the three in a heartbeat. So don't knock yourself out over the great pizza debate. But since you asked, I'll give you my preference: 1) Pepe's; 2) Modern; 3) Sally's.

    1. I would recommend the Seahorse in Noank, or the downstairs pub at the Daniel Packer Inn. Has anyone tried the Seamans Inn recently?? It's right at the Seaport if that is on the trip plan.

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        Last time I ate there (and I really minimize it) I had slime in my salad. This was less than a year ago. I have never had a good meal in that restaurant in 25 years.

      2. I love Kitchen Little for breakfast. The wait times will vary on the weekend. I wouldn't wait for more than 1/2 hour. My favorite dish is called "smedley", its scrambled eggs, mushrooms, cheese, ground sausage served over home fries.

        I too, recommend the Seahorse in Noank for seafood. Sea Swirl is good too but its a road side clam shack, perfect for a quick lunch.

        I am underwhelmed with Rice Spice Noodles, I've eaten there several times, while good I think its overpriced for what you get. Other favorites are Daniel Packer Inn (the lemon pepper chicken rules), Anthony J's, Azu and River Walk.

        1. You can take a look at this web site, there may be a couple of places to try. Good Luck

          1. I would still go to Abbot's and pack something for your child. It's worth it in both quality and value. Plus, your kid will probably love the desserts!!!