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Jun 6, 2007 05:03 PM

Gohan in Petaluma

This place is right close to our work and we've been hitting it regularly since it opened. Steve Tam is da man and recently we got him to come up with a roll for us. I've had several of his rolls before but this one just about knocked my kimono clean off. Its got unagi, ika, hamachi, avocado, three kinds of tobiko and more that escapes me. You would think the tastes would get muddled but it works great. Try the Dow Roll if you go there and tell me what you think. All bow to the Tam Man! Arigato!

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  1. I just received word that Chef Steve Tam passed away Sunday night from a cerebral hemorrhage. I am unbelievably sad because Steve Tam was a good friend to me, my family and friends as Gohan had quickly become our favorite gathering place. We found the food, company, and atmosphere to be a perfect way to enjoy the days of our lives -- special and not-so-special-- and Steve brought his own special character & personality to the mix. We wove him into our community tapestry, and he fed us fine food, always with a smile and loving care to quality.

    His talents as a chef and creator of wonderfully delicious food are unmatched in the Northbay...

    As we sort through the grief of his passing, I am sending this out to all of our community asking that we send prayers to his wife, and all the members of the Gohan family.

    Steve, we will never forget.

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      Wow, so sad. I met Steve both at Gohan and at Kyoto in Rohnert Park.

      He will be missed.

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        I just heard about dear Steve's passing, and I'm in shock....he is the brightest spirit and always a class act.

        tears on my sushi

        he was living his dream

      2. I just saw this in the on line press democrat- was going to post this. Chef Steve Tam's passing is a sad event. Condolences and prayers to his wife Linh, their families and the staff at Gohan.