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Jun 6, 2007 04:57 PM

downtown breakfast?

Is there anyplace good to get breakfast tacos, saussage wraps, sour cream doughuts or lemon poppyseed muffins in the downtown area between 6th and the Capitol? After Bakerman closed its breakfast trade to concentrate on high-end cakes, there doesn't seem to be anyone taking their place. I find Kevin's so-so, and I got a breakfast taco south of the art museum (once) made with mashed otatoes that was downright pitiful. Bakerman made a lemon poppseed muffin with a huge dollop of lemon curd at the bottom that was wonderful, and their saussage wraps were good.

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  1. Granted, this was not on your list, but the cafe in the Capitol extension basement used to make really good blueberry pancakes. Back when I worked in the Cap. complex, it was a real nice cheap quick breakfast.
    I haven't been there in about 10 years,so things could of changed. If any hounds have been there recently,please fill us in.

    1. There's always Apple Annies, although you probably already know about that place... Havent been there in years but I remember having a couple tasty items there i.e. pastry/wraps, that sort of thing. You can check their menu online: it's around 6th and colorado; best of luck.

      1. I don't know if any of the foods you listed are on available, but Old Pecan Street Cafe has a really good weekend brunch. Ive only ever had the omelette's and crepes, but both were great and reasonably priced. Its on 6th just a little past Trinity.