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Jun 6, 2007 04:29 PM

Wine in Willamette

We are staying in Dundee next weekend, and would love to know hidden gems in Wine Country...

We have found a lot we are very fond of including Archery Summit, Cuneo, Annie Amie, Tori Mor....

What are some of the heavy hitters (like Domaine Serene, Archery Summit)??

What are some of the more artisinal yet very high quality (like Sinean)

Any duds? a lot of hype but bad wine....

many thanks!


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  1. Try Sokol Blosser, the best Pinots, Noirs and Gris...excellent wine and they are environmentally conscious. Also hear that Argyle is good, plus Erath. Can't think of a dud!

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    1. re: archangelcat

      Argyle is very good. I also like Ponzi and Boedecker (in the Carlton Winemaker Studio). Let us now if you eat anywhere good!

    2. I'm not sure exactly where Dundee is in relation, but i recall driving thru the entire area in a half day, easy, so i'll jsut give you my List: Domaine Drouhin, Beaux Freres, Patricia Green, Panther Creek, Maysara, DePonte, and Shea. And don't pass up Carlton Winemaker Studio--great people, great wines(many small producers; can be tasted in flights), and great food. I too liked Sokol Blosser and Erath. Argyle depends on vintage and block, but can be tasty.

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      1. re: SeaSybarite

        Dundee is the center of it all.
        I like Argyle's sparkling. It's a mix of chard & pinot.
        There are many wonderful places to eat: Dundee Bistro, Painted Lady etc. Just search & you'll find them all reviewed here.

        1. re: Leonardo

          Good call, Leonardo. I had forgotton about how much i liked Argyle's bubbly.

      2. I had posted about a month ago on your board (I am an Outer Borough hounder), and was just checking to see if anyone had responded to that original post when I saw this one. I highly recommend Nick’s Italian Café which has recently gone under a reworking of the menu by Nick’s daughter and the food is phenomenal! And it’s in McMinnville, which I have to say equals (if not surpasses) Dundee as the epicenter of the Oregon wine country, with Panther Creek, Eyrie, R. Stuart, and Westry to name just a few. Regardless, you’re sure to have a wonderful time!

        1. My favorite producers are Drouhin, Bergstrom, Dom. Serene, and Shea. I had one bottle of Beaux Fres, but it is quite expensive, like a premier-cru Burgundy. For cheaper wines, I like Brick House, A to Z, and Argyle.

          One little known gem is Prive, which I have never seen in stores, and I think it sells out to its mailing list. Dedicated, passionate producers.