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Jun 6, 2007 04:28 PM

Santa Barbara wineries?

Hi, am planning a trip to Santa Barbara this weekend and I'd love to know if anyone knows of any small or exceptional wineries I should check out?

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  1. I have been to Sunstone which was decent. I like Zaca Mesa wines and Melville but haven't been to their wineries. There are two distinct drives and you can find the maps online. I remember thinking that the Foxen Rd. drive looked good to me..

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      I have been to the Zaca Mesa winery. Rustic and nothing fancy, not as touristy as most. The wines are great. You can buy a few wines that they only sell at the winery. I highly recommend it. It is relatively close to Firestone which has some nice wines but is slightly more touristy, and Fess Parker which, in my opinion, is definitely a tourist destination. Los Olivos is a nice town to stop in for lunch if you are in the area, and as Megiac points out, there are numerous additional tasting rooms in town.

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        Say hello to Larry Schaffer at Fess Parker. He is the assistan winemaker there. If you meet him, ask him if you can check out his wines, Tercero. Awesome wines at great prices! -mJ

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        I really enjoyed Sunstone when I was there. The wines were really nice, the atmosphere was scenic (beautiful tasting room...nice little patio with tables where you can sip a bottle and enjoy the view) and the staff was helpful and informative. Blackjack Ranch had some nice Bordeaux-style wines at great prices and Rideau we also enjoyed as well. If you have the time, hit Los Olivos' downtown strip - there are a bunch of tasting rooms and cute places to eat with great gourmet food for lunch.

      3. Check out Lafond Winery. They got some good pinots and some other little gems. Also check out I think it's Paige 23. Good stuff also. Sanford is nice but has gotten a lot of attention over the past few years. If you want google Santa Barbara wineries and you will get a list of them.

        1. Keep in mind there are -- IIRC -- only a handfull winery tasting rooms actually IN Santa Barbara, so I hope you're planning on driving a lot . . . .

          Here is a link to an interactive listing of Santa Barbara Co. wineries -- you can click on each winery name to see what types of wines they make, what hours they are open, whether you need an appointment, etc., etc., etc. --

          Go to this link -- it will show you the touring routes that AlabasterDiasaster mentions --

          I have no idea what kind of wines you like (Chardonnay? Riesling? Sauvignon Blanc? Pinot Noir? Merlot? Syrah? etc., etc., etc.), and winery recommendations are sort of dependent upon one's tastes. Let me know what kind of wines you're looking for . . . .

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            Thanks! The maps are very helpful. I have no problem driving... I personally am a fan of Pinot Noirs and generally prefer reds to whites, but I'm traveling with a friend and I don't really know his taste, so any place that stands out for any reason (exceptional wine, or just an interesting ambience) would be worth checking out.

          2. Foley makes good chardonnays and pinot noir.
            Alma Rosa makes good Pinot noir also.

            What do you want to taste? Santa Barbara wineries shines when it comes to Pinot Noir. As far as Rhone varietals, I find them to be so-so.

            1. I went on a recent trip. I was with my mom and sister, who are total lightweights, but we did hit a few tastign rooms. I really enjoyed the tasting rooms at Foxen and Beckmen. Also, a number of wineries have their their tasting rooms along the main street in Los Olivos, and you could spend a day there going from tasting room to tasting room (Andrew Murray is not to be missed!).

              If you want Pinot Noir, you need to be further north in the Santa Maria area. For Syrah, stay further south closer to the Santa Ynez area.

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                As noted in an earlier post, there aren't wineries to speak of in Santa Barbara. You'll need to go a bit further north, to the Santa Ynez Valley. There are about 8 tasting rooms in a couple of blocks in the town of Los Olivos. Carina Cellars makes lovely viogniers and syrahs; Andrew Murray is good. Have lunch or dinner at Patrick's Sidestreet Cafe or Mattei's Tavern. Both are great. Patrick's is a more casual environment with really good, creative food. Foxen Canyon to Foxen Winery and others. It's a shack on Foxen Cyn Road. Great Pinots. Good place to picnic. More fabulous Syrah at Stolpman Vineyards - tasting room in Solvang, along with many other lesser wineries. Have fun!

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                  I was so focused on the wine, I hadn't even thought about eating! Thanks for the tips. I'm so excited now!

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                  There are some great Pinot Noirs near Solvang/Buellton/Santa Rita/Santa Ynez Valley. Foley is very good for Pinot Noir. I don't think that it's necessary to go to Santa Maria.

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                    Couldn't agree more on Andrew Murray! Awesome Rhone styled wines that are real treats! -mJ