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Jun 6, 2007 04:22 PM

Dinner in Lee? Lenox?

Any special thoughts for a nice dinner in the Lee or Lenox area? My parents who are in their 70s, are joining me and my sister (no ages revealed) and I am new to this area so need some advice. My dad loves good food and good service. No frozen fish, no pizza joints, just good options and fresh food. He loves lamb shanks, stews and good seafood. And good wine. Mom just goes with the flow. I think we'll do a museum in the afternoon and then regroup over a good meal. It has to be delicious but not pretentious, charming but not super cozy.......Thanks to all.

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  1. Church St. Cafe in Lenox is always solid - great food and service. Definitely the best restaurant in the Lenox/Lee area these days (and for many years, I should add!). Another good option is Rouge in West Stockbridge. It's French, as the name would imply, and has an excellent wine list and amazing steak au poivre. I

    1. Chez Nous in Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Absolutely Chez Nous in Lee!!!!
        This is one of the best reataurants in the area and one we never miss when in the area.
        Thier short ribs stew is outstanding and their sauces are out-of-this-world!

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          Thanks, all. I narrowed it down to Rouge and Chez Nous and then they looked at the websites and picked Chez Nous. Now to get a reservation! I will report back. Many thanks!

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            Good choice! You shouldn't have a real problem getting a reservation if you get there before the Tanglewood crowd descends July1.
            If you're in the Pittsfield area be sure to try Cafe Reva on Tyler St. Only open breakfast and lunch but it is the best food in the are hands down!

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              Oh, great! I will be in Pittsfield in July for an event and will try Cafe Rega. Got a reservation for next Saturday at Chez Nous and am looking forward to it, as are my parents. Many thanks!

        2. Just want to thank those of you who wrote in. Chez Nous proved to be an outstanding choice for a meal with my parents and sister who were visiting from out of town. It is clearly an oasis of perfection for anyone who likes a well presented, beautifully cooked meal. The staff was amazing, always polite, never intrusive, and they had all of the answers to our questions. Dad started with the frogs legs which resulted in a long period of silence fro his side of the table as he was so happy, and my sister and I had salads which were gorgeous and tossed with a light dressing- not overpowering. Then I had roast chicken, Mom and Dad had fish and my sister the lamb shanks. All were cooked to perfection, with the sauces being the most delicious.....mmmmmm. Had to have desserts, something we rarely do. Not one bite was left- a berry cobbler for me, chocolate bread pudding for my sister and a blondie with all kinds of yummy things around it for Dad which went down so quickly I did not get to try a bite. We were all totally thrilled by the meal. One thing I liked seeing was that it was clearly not a stuffy place despite a certain degree of formality and decorum. There were a few young people there with their parents who were clearly welcome, and the majority of the people were casually dressed. A hearty thanks to all who recommended Chez Nous. I will be trying the others soon.

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            Glad you had such a great experience at Chez Nous. My husband and I had a fabulous dinner there a few months ago and I would love to return. We live about two hours away, unfortunately, but I'm going to have to think up some excuse to go back!

            It was one of the best meals I've had. Oh, and we shared the blondie for dessert. It was super yummy!

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              Here is their description of that blondie dessert from their web site:

              Blondie Sundae with Sea Salted Caramel/ Le Délice du Dimanche au Sel de Guérande
              Warm Blondie, Rum-Soaked Raisins, Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream, Chantilly Cream

              It went down so fast on the other side of the table that I barely got a look at it let alone a taste! I will need to go back for that alone, if nothing else! My sister did snag a bit and said that they were not shy on the rum for those rum soaked raisins.