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Jun 6, 2007 03:47 PM

Downtown Trendy, Tasty, and Good for Groups

Hello! I am hoping to get input for a bachelorette party in Manhattan. Criteria is that it be downtown (pref westside), trendy, yet delicious. Not the typical bachelorette party - just looking for a really buzzy place for a fabulous meal with 10 girls. Thanks!

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  1. If you are looking for a great meal downtown and don't mind going near to the seaport - for a large group I would recommend MarkJoseph Steakhouse - one of my favorites. I have been there for a bachelorette party and I think we called ahead and got a special menu ??? can't remember I would call them or see if they have a website - It is classy and delicious. good luck!

    1. MJ is on the Eastside. Not trendy, old boy, business, steakhouse kinda place.

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        Have you been there on a Friday or Saturday night recently? Quite a different atmosphere than during the week very much a young local crowd - and you can't go wrong with the food you are sure to get a good meal. Great for large groups and I have seen young groups there for bachelor parties. It is by the seaport - out of the way call for directions.

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          monkey 2, thanks for the info. I've only been there for business during the week. Standard steakhouse fare, good solid food. MJ is on Water Street, North of Peck Slip before you get to Bridge Cafe and after you walk past Acqua. The Seaport North neighborhood is very different Thursday-Friday vs. Saturday - Wednesday. Nelson Blue is also "scene," more of a bar atmoshere, a few tables (booth & stools), they have food (reviews are mixed, my friend really liked the lambchops). The Nelson Blue space is probably not appropriate for a small party. Plus AST "pref West side". I'm not good re: advice for scene/trendy/buzzy places (not my preference).

      2. employees only awesome food, buzzy, great cocktails

        1. What about Stanton Social? Not on the west side, but it definitely buzzes, is trendy and the food is good. Definitely fun for 10 girls!

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            Dylan Prime is a great steakhouse in Tribeca. Very hip, modern, not your average steakhouse at all. Perry St. on West Street in the West Village is simply a gorgeous room. They have nice, big tables as I recall, so great for a group. Son Cubano in the meatpacking district is lively and fun, with great drinks.

            One last suggestion -- I planned a bachelorette party for about 12 women at Flor de Sol, a tapas place in Tribeca. Same owners as Son Cubano, and they had a great group dinner deal. Unlimited tapas and sangria or beer for two hours or so. Came to about $75 per person, and well worth it. Constant flow of plates and (most importantly) sangria! We had a great time....

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              FYI - My friend had a bad experience at Perry Street recently and does not plan to go back (food not service).

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