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Jun 6, 2007 03:37 PM

Liled's Vallejo

What do folks think of the ice cream at Liled's under the new ownership? I think it has gone downhill. It has been icy (little chunks of it) the last couple of times I have tried it. I hope I just hit a bad day since I love the store and have loved their ice cream since I moved to Vallejo 9 years ago.

By the way, the name is from the original owners many decades ago, Lil and Ed.

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    1. re: rworange

      It is hard to remember. I think it was banana most recently or a carmel swirl or butterscotch. You can see it has not kept me from returning. I haven't tried the peach yet this year but it has been great in the past.

      In the fall I love the pumpkin pie and the rum raisin but haven't had them in awhile.

    2. I stopped by there today and sampled the english toffee - detected some little ice chunks in there as well.

      BTW, the place is actually up for sale now - lots of feelers, but no solid offers yet, per what the owner mentioned.

      1. I stopped by today and didn't have any ice in my samples but didn't get excited about the three flavors I tried, fresh peach, Peaches and Cream and Cascade Mountain Blackberry. There was a rich creamy almost buttery texture but the flavors were a little too subtle. I was thinking given the taste the butter pecan must be very good. I was a little tempted by the maple walnut too which I haven't had in forever. But after three samples I decided just to get the cheese popcorn which I love and is still as good as ever.

        If janetinreno doesn't catch the other post, they do have spumoni but it is a white ice cream with cherries and chopped pistachios mixed in ... no green or chocolate ice cream mixed in.

        There is a sign that they are selling the place but not closing down. It seems the current owners are intent on selling to someone who will continue the Liled's tradition. On the website they say in the history section it opend on October 31st. Halloween Day 1936, by Ed Jensen (A Norwegian Confectioner) and his wife Lillian “Lil”.

        After running the shop for 35 years, they sold it to Bernie and Helen York.

        In 1975, C. Henry Barner bought Liled's. The site says ...

        Hank” truly perfected the time-tested recipes of Liled’s Candy Kitchen. After being trained by Bernie, “Hank” took confectioners courses. For 30 years, he perfected the details of the “Liled’s” recipes. On October 1st 2005, “Hank” sold “Liled’s”, and the property of 1318 Tennessee Street, to our family. The intricate details, of those time-tested recipes, required 300 hours of focused training.

        For over 70 years, each previous owner diligently trained the next owner of “Liled’s”. Thus, assuring that the integrity, and the details, of those time-perfected recipes would carry on. The art of candy making is amazing and precise. I’ll assure the complete and detailed training, of the next owner after me. "

        Hope they are able to do this.

        Here's the link to the website with some nice pictures of the shop. Pictures 5 and 10 are what makes Liled's such a treasure. They also list everything they sell and all the ice cream flavors.

        Previous reports:

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        Liled's Candy Kitchen
        1318 Tennessee St, Vallejo, CA 94590

        1. Seeing as these problems were several years ago and I've been going there since 2009 and have always had WONDERFUL ice cream there, these problems might just have been because they were new.

          Their ice cream is amazing, some of the best American ice cream I've ever had.