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ice-cream trucks?

hi -- i'm wondering if people could help me identify any ice-cream trucks in the boston area and if you know anything about their routes, schedules or whereabouts.

i know the 'frosty ice cream truck' by the public gardens...

any more knowledge on this one in brookline?

this one from davis square is immortalized... but I can't properly find anything on the web regarding "K&J Ice-Cream" except this post which says it's been spotted around davis/tufts.

and i hear (but have not personally seen) one making rounds in south end.

if you have any dirt or have spotted any in the wild, please throw in your knowledge. it'd be great to have a comprehensive list of them come summertime. thanks so much!

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  1. I used to see one outside BMC last summer....sorry, no more details than that. They had soft serve, not just crappy good humor.

    1. There's one that sits in the parking lot at Walden Pond in Concord all summer long.

      1. The's one usually parked at the foot of the steps to the Bunker Hill monument in Charlestown.

        1. It's not consistent at all, but every once in a while I spot one in the backroads here of Technology Square (read: Kendall Square, about 2.5 blocks down) in Cambridge. They seem to service mainly the offices in this lot, as they're not out on the main street.

          1. The Brookline Farmer's Market truck is unusual in that it serves scoops of a variety of flavors - it's basically a mobile ice cream parlor. Apparently it's from Trombetta's Farm (or Creamery.) BTW, that market is due to start up on June 21.

            There's a soft-serve truck that comes around Allston (Pratt/Ashford/Gardener Streets.) According to BFP, who works at home and is more up-to-date on such things, they usually come through a couple of times a day, about 4:30 in the afternoon and last night I noticed them around 8 although that seemed a bit on the late side.

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              Yeah, specifically this is a Frosty truck just like the ones at the Public Garden, and while my standard is the canonical soft-serve twist cone, they also sell novelties and sundaes and the like.

            2. There was one tooling around the South End every sunny day last week; I didn't hear him at all this week. He's too fast for me; by the time I get my nickels together and outside, he's gone.

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                I think that there are two in the South End - if they can be differentiated by music.

                One plays the more traditional ice cream truck music. The other plays a frenetic song punctuated by car horns and a crazy woman yelling "hello!?"

                They generally hit the parks where children play. I don't know by time, but it seems like they just circulate. You'd find them in Villa Victoria (the playground in the middle), Sparrow Park, Peter's Park, and maybe a couple of others. They don't seem to stop on any of the streets.

              2. Ditto Dotdiner. That ice cream truck music is ubiquitous in the public housing units of Southie around dinner time. Just what they need.

                1. Depending on how far you want to go with this, I would contact the people that supply the ice cream trucks with goodies.

                  1. There's usually a truck at the ball field on the corner of Cypress and Franklin Streets in Brookline - late afternoon/early evenings on weeknights. Not sure what the selection is like.