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Jun 6, 2007 03:11 PM

Restaurants near D.C. Armory

I am trying to find a restaurant for reservations for 20 people next weekend near the D.C. Armory. I am looking for a super reasonably prices place (think Outback pricing), for 20 people that are good 'ole boys that like meat! No deli's, no fru-fru, no fancy seafood. I am clear in Kansas and I am having a hard time finding something located close within walking distance or within a few miles with an actual parking lot. Yes, I have a lot of rules around this question. Any help would be great!!

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  1. That's a tall order. You pretty much have to go 15 blocks west to Capitol Hill proper to find a decent selection of restaurants, and once you're there you're not going to find actual parking lots.

    New York Pizza, around 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue SE, is the closest thing I can think of to satisfying your criteria. It's more than just pizza, and I believe there is a parking lot. You could even walk there from the armory in nice weather.

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      The other place around NY Pizza, which I think is a little less creepy, is La Lomita on Penn and perhaps 13th or 14th St SE? It's a pretty good tex/mex, good chips and salsas, margaritas and beer place. Mains are $10-$15. It's not that big, but I think they could accomodate your group of 20. No parking lot, but it's 1 mile from Armory and street parking should be pretty easy over there.

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        Yep, La Lomita has better food, if the parking lot isn't of paramount concern.

    2. I think your best bet is to go to Tunnicliff's on 7th St.
      They pair a good selection of beers on tap with burgers, pizza and great artichoke dip... not to mention a few other menu items. You can usually find onstreet parking within a block of the place and it's a local hang out. I'm from Midwest originally and I can vouch for the burger.

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        GREAT! Thanks so much for your help! That is perfect!