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Jun 6, 2007 03:07 PM

Prospect Heights Restaurants

Would love recommendations of good places to eat (and drink) in prospect heights -- of all varieties (cheap, take out, eat in, etc) -- the more the better!

I did some searches of the board, but there don't seem to be any comprehensive lists of restaurants in the neighborhood.

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  1. Vanderbilt Ave seems to be the main strip in terms of variety. Alesio on Vanderbilt between Park and Prospect Places is a paradox in that the food is terrific but the portions small. Beast on Vanderbilt and Bergen is hit or miss. The Usual is pretty good for a greasy spoon. Tom's on Washington and Sterling is a bit pricey for a diner and the food isn't all that but the staff is very professional and friendly and the interior is charming. A new Mexican place opened up on Classon Ave between Park and Prospect and it's pretty good. The "trio". three restaurants under one ownership are decent enough, there's Noona , not authentic Korean but good enough, La Gamin which serves good food as well and Soda bar where the food is average. All three are on Vanderbilt Ave. Mitchell's Soul Food is old style, contract diabetes after a meal or two place. And Sorrell on Carlton and Dean, which I've never been to but have heard good things about. Other than that it's mostly very good Carribean places along a stretch of Washington, Classon and Franklin Avenues. It makes for a great culinary walk. Just outside of Prospect Heights is David's Brisket House, a combo Jewish style deli and Halal soul food place. You can actually ask for your corned beef and pastrami sandwich lean and still get a ton of flavor from the meat. Oh yes! And Taro Suhi on Dean Street between Flatbush and 5th in the Slope.

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      I have been living here about a year and am still looking. Best I have found are Christine's patties, most things at The Islands, burger at Soda. Never been to Le Gamin but I've been to one in Manhattan, it's pretty good.

      Taro is good, Gen is decent as well for sushi.

      Anyone been to Bob Law's? I've been intrigued by the name only (reminds me of Arrested development).

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        Bob Law's = quality fried fish

        1. re: NancyC

          Never eaten there, but every time I walk by the place I think, "Bob Law's Law Blog!" :)

          1. re: megan

            SO DO I. I giggle too much to know if I should go in! I have seen the menu and goodness knows I crave fried things, just never looks that popular at the times I walk by so I wasn't sure.

            Been to Le Gamin since my last post. Had the croque monsieur which you really can't go wrong with...not sure I've ever had a bad one.

      2. I had a very good meal recently at Cheryl's Global Soul. It's on Underhill Avenue about a block in from the Museum. It's open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, too. The dinner menu is a little pricier than some of the other places in the neighborhood, but I found the food very satisfying.

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        1. re: Claire

          I also like the brunch and dinner at Tavern on Dean (Dean & Underhill).
          At Soda Bar I love their chicken sandwich, but ask for extra mayo - it's kind of a blt meets chicken sandwich on ciabatta bread. YUM.

          what we need in prospect heights is decent chinese and thai. i haven't found any worth mentioning!

          1. re: Claire

            Cheryl's brunch is pretty good. I always get the salmon platter which has egg, avocado, capers, and huge fat pieces of salmon. And they do know how to make a Bloody Mary.

          2. Aliseo is a major disappointment. I've tried it twice now and won't go back. On the other hand - Le Gamin is always delightful. The only dish I would stay away from is the Oeuf Gamin at brunch - (which is basically eggs served with a hockey puck) The crepes are delicious and not overwhelming. The service is lovely and in the warm weather the garden can't be beat.

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            1. re: brooklynbyotch

              I beg to differ - we've always had interesting, well flavored food at Aliseo, whereas I found Le Gamin pedestrian foodwise. I mean, what can you do to a crepe. There are different strokes though.

              Sorrel is quite good and a bargain, and I'd like to see more people patronizing it - we've always been pleased with our dishes. The prix fixe is a concept that limits the size of the dishes but the meal as a whole is always plenty and the chef is has a good touch - both his meat and fish dishes are very well prepared.

              1. re: brooklynbyotch

                I read your review of Aliseo and was a little taken aback. There are things about it that I'm not overwhelmed with but, overall, I like it a lot. Very fresh ingredients, well thought out food from a sincere owner more concerned with quality than quantity (this from a c'hound who loves quantity as well). You're paying for the care taken with the food and I've always found the flavors to be full enough. Totally different in style and intent than, say, al di la, but well worth going in my opinion.

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                  My experience at Aliseo was a bit of a heartbreak. I had been there once two years ago and was hadn't gotten back there - but was excited to do so. Almost every dish on the table was bad. I'm willing to concede it could have been a bad night... but... everything?? (Again - I'll leave the fantastic wine list out of it) The octupus and pasta (which i was very much looking forward to) was tasteless. the homemade pasta had a good texture but the octopus was overcooked and flavorless. I had two friends with me from Milan. They ordered that and the ragu. There was literally a teaspoon of sauce (maybe a result of a 9pm res?) - I am not a red sauce person. I can tell the difference between Olive Garden and Lupa - I promise you. The sauce was scant and needed spice. My friend was excited to get the last piece of fish but she too had a tasteless experience. I would love nothing more than for Aliseo to be a great place. Maybe I was overcritical because of having Italians at the table. Don't know. But won't go back.

              2. I like Gen very much. It's on Washington, I think on the corner of Prospect. Nice vibe, friendly people and excellent sushi.

                1. Sorrel has always been quite good. Haven't been there in about six months, though.
                  It is a 360 spin-off. Now that 360 is closed, Sorrel is a reasonable choice for a prix-fixe meal in the neighborhood. Their wine list is a real +: good choice of reasonably priced, regional wines, some of which are organic or biodynamic (don't ask me what the difference is).