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Jun 6, 2007 02:19 PM

Looking for a private dinner for business in Boston Suburbs

Looking for a dinner for 20-40 guests in the Boston suburbs. Something high-end and unique. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. That is a tall order. There are some reasonably good restaurants that can serve that number of people but not sure if they are "unique." My first thought is a very high end wonderful restaurant in Newton Center- Pava. You would neet to take the whole restaurant. Two interesting options for steak are the Metropolitan Club in Chestnut Hill on Route 9 - steak but with alot of other options. Another- recently I attended a party for 32 people at the Metro9 Steakhouse on Route 9 in Framingham. They did an excellent job in a private room. Nice appetizers- oyster bar and spring rolls etc., a very unusual salad with apples, cheese etc and choices of steak, chicken oscar- (topped with crabmeat and asparagus) and a fish choice.

    If you want really high end and exceptionally unique I recommend that you contact Apocrypha- extremely unique and high end. Search for previous reviews on this restaurant. This would really fit the bill for you. It is quite a pretty restaurant in a very odd location with very sophisticated food. However, it is very pretentious. Look at their menu online and you will see what I mean. Good luck.

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      Thanks for the great suggestions -- much appreciated!

    2. "Boston suburbs" is a wide-ranging area (North Shore, South Shore, Metro West, just for starters) , and it can be more of a challenge to get from one suburb to another than getting in and out of the city itself. If you can identify a town you will likely get great advice.

      1. If it is convenient to go to a southern burb, Coriander in Sharon will rent out the entire restaurant and create a special menu for you. The owners are very accommodating. I talked to them about a surprise birthday party last year and it would have been great if we could have afforded it. If your business is paying and the location works, then it would be my choice.

        1. The Stonehenge Inn in Tyngsborough, near the NH border, is very high-end, elegant, European in the fine touches, and has a most excellent wine cellar.