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Jun 6, 2007 02:15 PM

Anyone Been to Bodeguita Cubana?

Just wondering if anyone has eaten at Bodeguita, the new Cuban restaurant in the east village that's run by Serbians...

If so, what do you recommend and/or not recommend? Thanks for the help. In any event, I'll report back.

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  1. I embarrassingly (i live on the block) ordered delivery the other day and was really disappointed. I had the palmito salad which was completely flavorless except for the dressing that tasted like burnt garlic. I also had the cuban sandwich which, while not gross, was nothing i would ever want to eat again. It is too bad because the place is so cute and i really wanted to like it.

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      Good to know. That was precisely what I planned on ordering. Sounds like I might need to change my plan a bit.

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        I have to agree...had the toughest, funky-tasting bistec there. They were out of half of what was on the menu (which they forgot to mention until like 20 minutes after we'd ordered it!). Ropa Vieja was decent, but I definitely won't go back.

    2. I ate at Bodeguita Cubana on Thursday night. I would say I was very disappointed if it wasn't for the fact that it I had been warned that it wasn't going to be very good and that it was really really inexpensive. It might be important to note that I don't believe the owners were around on the night I ate there (I walked by several weeks before and spoke to a very friendly gentleman, who I'm almost positive was in charge).
      Service was awful. It took us 20 minutes (after we asked) to receive wine glasses (byob) and water. For appetizers, the two of us ordered the beef empanadillas and choripan (they were out of the croquetas). For entrees, we ordered the puerco asado, cubano, and a side of tostones.
      For our appetizers, we were first served the croquetas, which were a B-. Too much crust--especially since it wasn't flakey. Next we were served the puerco asado, which we of course had ordered as an entree. When I tried to explain this to the server, he more or less tried to say that's not how ordering works there--food comes out when it's ready. The restaurant was too informal/disorganized for me to argue with him. The puerco asado was tasteless and dry and came with sides of tasteless rice and beans. The choripan (toasts topped with mozarella cheese, choriza, and "house sauce"), tasted like the english muffin pizza you learn to make when your eight years old.
      The cubano was substantially under-toasted (not crispy bread and not hot in the middle) and seemed to be served on an almost challah loaf. The tostones were perfectly fine but rather than coming with garlic butter (not that I'm certain that's how they're supposed to be served), the dip was a salsa-like red sauce that also accompanied the empanadillas. Not pleasant.
      This was not a great dining experience. But for $29 (not including the wine we brought), I don't regret trying the place once. I won't, however, be back any time soon.