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Jun 6, 2007 02:02 PM

Dinner Friday night in Miami Beach

I'm looking for a dinner spot Friday night in Miami Beach for a group of four; nothing so noisy that we can't hold a decent conversation. It's basically a business dinner but doesn't need to be hugely upscale or trendy. We're all staying at the Alexander All-Suite Hotel, so proximity to the home base would be good. The fallback dinner is the Shula's Steakhouse at the hotel, but I'd rather find something more interesting than that. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. When you say proximity, do you mean walking distance? If so, don't know. Otherwise I would do the Forge way before Shulas.

    1. I have a suggestion that I would find it hard to recommend more, but it will depend on how "casual" you would care to be. I used to live in Miami, and one of the finest restaurants, imho, is Joe's Stone Crab.

      They do not accept reservations, and the wait is usually a minimum of two hours. The food is definitely on the pricier side, but not utterly exorbitant. However, if you can tolerate those two issues, the food is quite possibly some of the finest seafood in all of Florida. As far as proximity, I know it's right around that area somewhere, on Washington. Any halfway decent hotel concierge, guest services, or cab driver will be able to point you in the right direction to get there, I'm pretty certain it's not more than 10 miles.

      Now that I'm thinking about it, I wish I were there... I'm thinking I'll have to order and have them ship something. It's been at least six months since the wife and I dug into one of thier pies... :D

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        Stone crab season is over btw so you should not go if you are going for stone crabs. Their hotel is on 52nd st btw so Joes is kind of far too.

      2. I would skip Shula's. There really aren't any fabulous restaurants in Mid-Beach, where you are staying. Many of the South Beach restaurants are quite noisy and trendy, and it may be difficult to get a reservation a day away, such as Prime 112. You may want to try The Food Gang in Surfside - about 40 blocks North (Collins/Harding and 94th Street). The chef, Howie Kleinberg, is on the upcoming season of Top Chef Miami ( If you wish to go to South Beach, Casa Tua is wonderful, small and has gotten rave reviews. It's at 17th Street one block west of Collins Ave. ( If you'd like to stay closest to your hotel, you should go to The Forge. It's a classic Miami Beach restaurant and is about 2 minutes from your hotel, 432 W 41st St/Arthur Godfrey Road. It's steeped in history. You can probably make reservations at any of these restaurants on Have a wonderful evening.

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          Casa tua is overrated and the food has gone downhill. It is also very expensive. There are much better choices in Sobe if you want to travel that far.

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            Thanks all for your suggestions. Bad weather,consequent airline delays, and staggered arrivals meant that we took the path of least resistance and ate at Shula's--which was better than my previous Shula's experiences in other cities, although the service was a bit erratic--they rushed us initially, despite our explanations that we were still waiting for other members of our party, and then slowed down so that we had to hunt down a waiter when we wanted coffee, the check, etc. Otherwise an acceptable but unremarkable meal. I still find the football menu and the show-and-tell food display to be annoying gimmicks, though.