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Best for Choc. Covered Cherries

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Hi -

Was going to order some Old Kentuckey Bourbon Choc. Covered Cherries as a gift - but shipping is crazy expensive (overnight in iced cooler). So thought I'd get here in the city instead. Any ideas where to go?


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  1. I really like the sunspire dark chocolate covered cherries at Westerly Market on 54th and 8th, but they don't always have them (sometimes they have blueberries instead), but I just bought some yesterday. They're dangerously addictive.

    1. The ones at Trader Joe's are the best I've had. Very good quality dark chocolate. About $4 for a good sized container. Admittedly not very attractively packaged, but perhaps you could put them in a different box?

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        thanks, i'll check that out, i work nearby.