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Jun 6, 2007 01:49 PM


If you go, get the following:

ABC burger ... avocado, teriyaki sauce and cheese hamburger.

Curry fries ... crispy fries slathered with curry sauce (ask for the sauce on the side if you aren't a quick eater cuz the fries will get soggy)

Word to the wise, the ABC burger is a knife and fork endeavor. It is much too sloppy and gooey to be eaten with simple hands and fingers alone. Bib is also recommended.

I also sometimes get my ABC burger with grilled onions, but when I do, more often than not, I end up with really bad heartburn ... so be duly warned.

3007 Huntington Drive
(626) 568-0386
[Same shopping center where HOWS Market is located]

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  1. Good call on the burgers. Forget the teriyaki chicken....its always burnt around the edges and burnt teriyaki anything tastes bad.

    1. They have a B Man's in the new Hows Market in North Hollywood, opens at 11 closes at 8 or 9.

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      1. re: Burger Boy

        I like the mac salad and the teri when it is not burnt...the beef is little too much like steak-umms...i used to love a kid ofcourse.

      2. LOL! I go to the one in Azusa across from APU occasionally since it is down the street from my office. I usually get the teri breast bowl with extra veggies when I want to think I am being healthy! I like there burgers, but have never tried the ABC...... hmmmm.

        1. The curry chips sound really good. Is this place just a burger joint? I'll check out the link. I've never seen it.

          Okay, I take this back. I think I have driven by this place. I always thought it was located in San Marino, though.

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          1. re: katkoupai

            It's across the street from San Marino proper.

          2. I was just there last night for the usual comfy food dinner-curry chicken plate with mac and potato salad. It's usually good for two meals cuz it's really big.

            I'll have to try the ABC burger soon!

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            1. re: Pitchman

              I always have to get the curry sauce as a dip, no soggy fries for me. And to rantsnravesnreviews, I should probably just search, but I assume you go to Chicken and Ribs next door? I need to find out how long that place has been there, it's a trip.

              1. re: MaryT

                I have never been to the Chicken and Ribs place. I really like Canyon City BBQ also in town, and can't imagine it could ever compete!