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Jun 6, 2007 01:41 PM

help! food late tonight

Hi, I have a friend coming in at Logan at 10:30, staying at the Onyx hotel (by the banknorth garden) and I need to get some decent food somewhere

Does anyone know of anyplace open late where we can go? I have my car so can go anywhere even bback bay or something....but was thinking the north end maybe because we could walk there....

I searched the board for late-night food but I think the posts mostly refer to weekend-nights, and it being a wednesday I am hard pressed.

any help greatly appreciated. thanks!


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  1. Most places in Chinatown are open quite late into the night!

    1. I believe Lucca in the North End has a late night menu. Pastas, braised short ribs, mussels...
      Franklin Cafe in the South End serves nightly until 1:30 am

      1. May not sound like much, but once my sister flew in late and with limited options we wound up going to Harvard Gardens on Cambridge street. They served late, and may do it on weekdays. The food wasn't bad over a few beers.

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          Excellent suggestion, wontonton. The food there is actually pretty good, and it's an easy walk from the Onyx (maybe 10 minutes or so).

          EDIT: Crap. Just checked their website. They only serve until 10:00 tonight. :(

        2. Well, it's not fine dining by any means, but the The Fours serves dinner until midnight. And it's right around the corner from your friend's hotel. Decent to good grub.

          1. Stella in the South End, 1:30

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              Stella is my vote, they have this dark beer on tap that is really delicious. Plus I love the all white room and bar.

              1. re: JSchwo7

                Any idea which beer it is? I'm always looking for dark beers on tap in places that don't have a ton of draughts.

                And for the OP... I'd say North End might be tough to park if you do need your car, but it is a convenient walk from the Onyx. So if that's no issue, another place to add to the list would be Bricco.

                Back Bay... Via Matta's bar area serves food til 1am.

                South End has 3 options that are close to each other two were already mentioned (Stella and Franklin) and Toro, all are serving until at least midnight.

                1. re: icculus

                  I don't, I want to say its a house brew, but since the taps are unmarked its hard to recall.