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Jun 6, 2007 01:06 PM

First trip to Rehoboth Beach

Arriving on Saturday for a few days - what a good places to eat that also are kid-friendly? My kids eat anything, so I'm not looking for chicken fingers, just good places that aren't uptight about having kids around!


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  1. My musts are on the VERY informal side -- Gus and Gus Place on the boardwalk for cheesesteaks and fries, and Nicola Pizza for Nic-o-Boli's.

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    1. re: Bill on Capitol Hill

      Bill on Capitol Hill is right on the money. Gus n Gus are well known for all of their food, but especially their fried chicken. I hit Gus n Gus every day I am there for lunch (try their hot dogs or grilled cheese.

      How old are the kids? 5 and under? 6-9? 10-13? It'd help to know in order to recommend some places. There are some higher end places that'd be ok for some well behaved kids that have slightly advanced palates...

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      1. Would agree with Nicola; also Big Fish Grill out on the Hwy which is very family friendly but also popular so get there early.

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        1. re: Lewes

          And (in the informal vein) fries from Thrasher's.

        2. I've seen plenty of kids at Adriatico's (Italian) and Jake's(seafood) beach location.(Don't care for the Rt. 1 location)