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Jun 6, 2007 01:06 PM

Favorite Strawberry Picking Locations?

Just hoping to strawberry pick this weekend. Looks like only Tougas is open for the season right now. Just didnt' know if anyone else had any favorites that might be open already. Thanks!!

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  1. We used to go to Nourse Farm in Westborough (aka Olde Nouse Farm, to distinguish it from an upstart operation in Whately.) The farm has an interesting history - it was first established in 1722 by the grandchildren of Rebecca Nurse, who was one of the victims of the Salem Witch Trials. I went for a number of years with my parents, till both my mom and I got too "elderly" to enjoy crawling down rows on our hands & knees picking. We'd fill a couple of big flats and make jam and freeze tons of berries. I'd love to go again some time, but I doubt I've got stamina enough for more than a quart or two.

    Don't know if they're open for picking yet (it seems a little early still to me), but here's their contact info:
    Nourse Farm
    70 Nourse Street (Route 30)
    Westboro, Massachusetts 01581
    Farm Store: 508-366-2644

    1. It's been several years since we've moved from the area, but I used to go to Jane & Paul's Farm in Norfolk. Also, check the State Dept. of Ag. website:

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        I called Jane and Paul's farm earlier in the week and they said to call back around June 16.

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          We went to Jane & Paul's this weekend and had a great time. The berries, however, aren't that good. The best say 10% of them have a wonderful floral taste/aroma which is totally missing from the store bought California frankenberries we've ben getting from MB (seriously, some of the CA ones are the size of a plum). However, the remaining 90% just don't have much flavor and no strawberry zing (acidity). They're kind of waterlogged and bland, and a few are downright nasty. Unfortunately, I can't tell by looking which kind of berry is which. Maybe the rains on Friday did something, but I was very disappointed in the berries. Still a great time, though.

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            Last weekend was a bit late in the season. I'm surprised they were even open. Even here in Vermont, by last weekend, most places were closed.

        2. We like Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon - unfortunately it's not open until next weekend (the 16th). They have great berries, a nice market and great deli. You can lunch there and then head to Crescent Ridge Dairy on the Sharon/Canton border for some amazing homemade ice cream. Good luck!

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            Ward's is terrific. They also have their own produce, as well as some locally grown stuff, but not exclusively. Later in the season they will have pick your own blueberries (large, cultivated variety, though), peaches, sweet corn and sometimes raspberries.

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              Are they organic by chance? Just heard that Russell Farm in Ipswich are organic although they can't advertise them as such because not everything is to the "organic" label standard.

              1. re: 4chowpups

                Land's Sake Farm in Weston is organic. Their website says to check back soon for strawberries....their festival is on 6/23.


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                  Just went to Land's Sake a couple hours ago and the berries are big and sweet. Idyllic spot, too, $3.50/quart. By the look of it, there are still a lot of unripe berries, so the picking should be good at least through next weekend.

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                  Ward's is not organic. They don't spray with chemicals and generally use safe growing practices, but they haven't gone through the whole organic certification process.

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                Ward's was indeed open this weekend - the berries are good and there are plenty more rows out there for the coming weekend or three. 1.99 per pound - there are plenty of berries in our freezer!

              3. Wow, I'm surprised they're picking so early, but Parlee Farms in Tyngsboro is up and running: The strawberry fields are open for picking today with good picking conditions. The supply of berries for the next few days will be dependent on how many people come to pick. Please check here or call us at 978-649-3854 just before you leave home (

                I like this farm a animals, ice cream and fresh baked goodies (but it does not feel like a carnival/huge farm production)...I can't remember how much I paid for PYO but it was worth every red stained finger...

                1. Thanks everyone. We ended going to Tougas today, since their season started, and the crop was great. We got 9lbs of red ripe gorgeous berries. We would have gotten more, but the baby got tired. :) They flag the areas that are not picked, and assign each group to an area, so there's a good spot for you to work on. The little one got to slide, and look at goats, turkeys, and other farm animals, so this was a good win. The only down was we did not find their donuts very exciting, but we did not try their shortcake or ice cream. But definitely some of the best strawberry picking, I've ever done.