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Jun 6, 2007 12:52 PM

Takeout lunch Culver City -15people

We're very lucky that our company buys lunch far we've hit:
Bluebird Cafe
Natalee Thai
Victor Jrs
Overland Cafe
Gabi's Med
baja fresh

Looking for more recs, average $10/person for pick up in the culver city area.
thanks so much.

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  1. Sabor A Mexico

    tender Greens (do they do take out?)

    1. La Dijonaise (for lunch they have sandwiches in addition to their other menu) Mrs. Garcia's (take-out fast food Mexican, much better than Baja Fresh) and Santa Maria BBQ all do a good job of putting together take-out orders (they get the order right, and get it done in a timely manner.) Some other places technically do takeout, but in practice it doesn't work (Surfas, Tender Greens, and Double Dutch come to mind as places that flopped when our office has tried them. I would add Gaby's to the list because they are sooo friggin' slow, but it seems you may have had better luck.) One place we haven't tried is one of my faves, Grand Casino. I'm not sure how well their empanadas would travel. But they do have other things like sandwiches and salads that would do fine.

      1. oh yeah, we have ordered from La Dijonaise (love it) and tender greens...
        looks like we won't be ordering from Gaby's anymore...
        Bluebird is the best!

          1. To add to what's already been mentioned - I'm also in Culver City and we've had Renee's and Ugo (which was really really good - love their ravioli). And the Fatburger at Venice and Sawtelle will take online takeout orders:

            And occasionally, we'll send someone for Tito's Tacos.

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              Renee's? What's that, it's a new one for me!

              1. re: writergirl

                10022 Venice, just west of Hughes
                (310) 558-3287 (EATS)

                I've never been there, because we pretty much always order in for delivery, so I have no idea what the restaurant atmosphere is like. But the food is good, nothing amazing, but good and reliable for lunch. I can't begin to explain the menu - it's all over the place - gardenburger, salads, sandwiches, chicken teriyaki, lasagna, shepherd's pie, trout... I'm a fan of their quesadilla and their variety of soups.

                1. re: LisaStitch

                  Cafe Brazil on Venice at Westwood is good (although getting kind of pricey for a hole-in-the-wall.). Thai Boom is also on Venice about a block west of Cafe Brazil. Skip the California Pizza Kitchen on Venice @ Overland. Everything is pre-packaged and/or frozen and you pay a ridiculous price for it.

                  I haven't tried it yet, but there's a new Japanese take-out in the strip mall on Palm @Overland. I'll probably hit that this weekend and report back.