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Jun 6, 2007 12:36 PM

Can I super-glue a handle back on baking dish?

I accidently broke the handle off of a nice baking dish I have. If I super-glue this back on, will it withstand the oven temperature? I bought another type of glue at Target that says it's for glass and ceramic to try as well. Not sure what to use here.
The dish is fairly deep and I don't want to load it up with food and use the handle to have it break off while I am removing something heavy from the oven.
Any advice?

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  1. I can't comment on a specific glass or ceramic glue, having never tried this myself; but I did look on Lock Tite's site - maker of the genuine "Super Glue" - and they note in their FAQ that Super Glues are not Heat and Water resistant.

    Their site does mention a product called "XTreme Repair" which is supposed to be waterproof and will withstand temperatures up to 400F. However, it's also supposed to be a flexible bond, and I don't know that you want your handle to flex when you're taking something out of the oven.

    They do also mention that their Instant Glass Glue is dishwasher safe - but that doesn't necessarily mean it's oven safe.

    Maybe you should see if the manufacturer of the glue you bought has a customer service phone number, and call for more detailed information? (If you don't see a number on the package, perhaps they have a website with a 'contact us' section... it's worth a shot!)

    Good luck!

    1. I know that Super Glue is also toxic. Whatever you use, make sure it is safe on food surfaces and when heated at high temps.

      1. I would have to say "good-bye" to the dish. Toxic fumes could be a possibility and you never know, no matter what is on their label. I would imagine that stress along with the weight, high temperature, and pressure from lifting, would probably break it in a matter of seconds. Your lovely dinner that you worked so hard to prepare would be on the oven door, if it made it that far.

        1. Well, yes and no. 'Super Glue' will absolutely not work. However, a 2 part epoxy will do the trick. There are many different types of epoxy, so make sure that you get one that is
          1) rated food safe by the FDA
          2) rated to a high temp, e.g. 400 or better, 500 degrees
          try, or any industrial supply house and make sure to follow the directions exactly.

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          1. re: jerry i h

            thank you all. I hate to throw this away. It's a fairly new dish, and very pretty. I have been using it with the broken off handle, but I am the type of person who can't stop looking at it and gritting my teeth over the broken off handle. I would never use this dish serve this in front of company:) I will check out the epoxy. The handle is out the outside of the dish, so it never comes in contact with food. What a shame:(

            1. re: mschow

              I hate to hear what happened to something important to you; however, I know someone well who had very hot food fall from her hands onto her legs while removing it from the oven. The handle broke, though it had not previously been repaired. The result was very, very bad. Hospitalization and skin grafts. And extensive scarring. She hasn't worn a dress that doesn't go nearly to her ankles since.

              1. re: bananna slug

                Something similar happened to my mom, and although she didn't require skin grafts, she almost died from an infection she developed as a result of the burns - while she was in the burn unit at the hospital. I'd deep six the dish. Or at least not use it to cook stuff in. (And believe me, I have sympathy about how it feels to break something that was important to you. I know it hurts.)

                1. re: flourgirl

                  Well, seeing that I am a bit clumsy, I could totally see myself having the glued on handle break off while removing hot food from the oven. Those 2 stories are a bit scary, and I don't want anything similar to happen to me.
                  I'll be off to Homegoods this weekend to search for a new baking dish!
                  Thanks everyone for the responses.

                  1. re: mschow

                    Hooray for Homegoods - I love that place! Just got the prettiest robin's egg blue baking dish there for $6. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

                    1. re: flourgirl

                      Only problem with Homegoods is you can't go there without buying SOMETHING! It's like going to Target! There is always something you think you need.

                      1. re: mschow

                        Oh so true. I live 5 minutes from a Marshall's and I have to be very disciplined about limiting my forays there. It hasn't been easy, but I think I've finally got my problem under control. :-)

                        1. re: flourgirl

                          My situation is more dangerous. A Homegoods and Marshalls right next to each other in one big superstore! And, they have combined the checkout counters to make it more convenient (and so you'll be more likely to buy more). I try to stay away, but there seems to be some sort of magnet that pulls my car into the parking lot when I try to drive by!