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Jun 6, 2007 12:25 PM

Goose Fat Potatoes at Strip House

What exactly are they and is the portion size enough for a size to feed 4 people? Considering the Strip House for my birthday and want to know which sides to get. Everybody raves about the spinach and goose fat potatoes, however I saw a pic of them and they look kinda small in size. Maybe we would be better off ordering some other sides to compensate. Which are the best? Anyne try to creamed corn with pancetta that looks interesting. Also, the Strip House in Florida lists potatoes romanoff (mashed potatoes with cheese) on their menu but these are not in NY. Maybe they are a new addition and they forgot to add it on their site. Finally, does the Strip House offer some regular dinner specials? Maybe even some non-steak dishes that include chicken, shrimp, sole, or pork chops?

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  1. They're basically fried balls (between a golf and tennis ball) of mashed potatoes. I thought they were dry and unappetizing. I think there were about 4 to a serving. Spinach was great, on the other hand.
    I don't remember any non-steak specials, but there was a porterhouse for 2 as a special on my visit.

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    1. re: Lucia

      I don't know about your experience, but when I went, they were absolutely spectacular...loved them. Although there weren't necessarily 4 of them to a it possible you had ordered something else? Here's a picture of them at striphouse. They're not giant, but certainly would be more than 4 to a serving. I don't think you could get just one of them and feed 4 people though...might want two, for a little taste for everyone.

      1. re: randymac88

        Nope--that's what I ordered. It's been over a year since my visit, so my memory was foggy on quantity.

        1. re: Lucia

          I had it when I was there too, it looks exactly like it does in the pic. It reminded me of fried potato hash rolled in a ball.

          Great pic Randymac!

        2. re: randymac88

          For $10.00 you only get one ball of potato?

        3. re: Lucia

          I agree. I've had them twice and found them overrated both times.

          The analogy is: Ever bite into a potato knish and enjoy the texture (and like potatoes in general) but notice no flavor at all? That's what these potatoes taste like.

        4. If you went to public high school and had the Tater Tots.....that is the level of flavor. Not bad but just OK. Certainly nothing that you will remember.

          1. Overrated on past 2 dinners.
            I need to go back to try other sides.

            1. went this week and they were offering the potatoes romanoff as a special side. we didn't order them or the goose fat potatoes so I can't comment on them. the spinach was great though.