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Jun 6, 2007 12:12 PM

Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas!

Hey fellow Chowhounds!

I'm planning my sister's bachelorette party in Vegas for July 6th-8th (fri-sun). There are 9 of us and we're all staying at MGM signature. We are not picky eaters but I do not want to take the girls to places where they'll shell out too much money. I was wondering if there are any great recommendations for places for girls to have fun, drink, great food, and cool atmosphere!

Any places for mostly lunch and dinner would be great! Thanks in advance!

PS- I know we should stay inside in July! We will have cars but prefer not to drive too far since there is 9 of us.

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  1. I believe sometimes Chinoise (a Wolfgang Puck rest) has a prix fixe menu for $25 per person (the whole table has to participate). It's a good way to try several courses for what you'd basically pay at someplace like the Cheesecake Factory. It's in the Forum Shops at Caesar's... one of my girlfriends had a great dinner there for part of her bachelorette trip. Tao is another fun one and since it's a club at night you usually have an easier time getting in the door after eating at the restaurant. that's a good tip in general... check to see if whatever club you'd like to visit for the evening is associated with any restaurants (i think Chinoise is OPM). Have fun!

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      Social House @ TI is also a lot of fun w/ a big group.....and it becomes a club later in the evening! Fun late night menu too!

    2. Rum Jungle at the MB would also be a good place to try. it also turns into a club after 9pm.

      1. Thank you ALL for the suggestions! I really appreciate it!