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Jun 6, 2007 12:12 PM

Nice Pirate Cake

Looking for something a la "Ace of Cakes" with a pirate theme here in town. Can anyone rec a bakery up to the challange AND have it taste good?

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  1. I don't know about "Ace of Cakes"-caliber, but Mad Cakes on Spicewood Springs near Mopac did nice work on a cake for my g/f's party she threw.

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        Sometimes they'll swing for the stands, too. But seriously, their cakes are all bundt, but they also make cupcakes and cookies. Their web site does show that they do the cakes up in lots of different themes, but it's a matter of decorations added on top rather than elaborate shaping of the cakes themselves. Now that I look at the site of the Ace of Cakes place, I see that they charge a minimum of $500 per cake. Compare for yourself: and .

        The only place I've seen (but not tasted) in Austin that seems close to what you're looking for is Texas Rose Bakery. If you do get a cake, please let us know how it tasted, in addition to how it looks.