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Jun 6, 2007 12:07 PM

Mi Piace recommendations.........

OK I’m going to Mi Piace in Pasadena tonight. I know its not loved on this board, to say the least. However I need some recommendations, my girlfriend had a really bad day and this is her favorite place so I wanna cheer her up so I’m going. There has to be something on their menu that you all like. She always orders a clam linguini she said but I am not a fan of clams so…….


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  1. My nephew loves the place, so when I have to babysit this place is a no-brainer.

    I usually stick to the pizzas, the simpler the combo the better usually.

    1. I've only been there for late-night dessert and coffee. The cappuccino was okay, and they had a lemon blueberry tart that was decent. I have never had a full meal there, but I would like to at some point. I like sitting at the sidewalk patio in front of the restaurant.

      1. The pizzas, as noted are ok. Thin crust and not too greasy. I often have the sesame chicken, it is good.

        1. Calamari is a great appitizer, also the Caprese if ur a fan of moz and tomatoes. I also like the Fusilli Al Pesto Con Broccoli (pasta w/ broccoli and pesto sauce) .. never can go wrong w/ pizza! enjoy!

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            I like this pesto idea I LOVE pesto.

          2. the last time i was there (@4yrs ago), i had the veal and it was pretty good.