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Jun 6, 2007 12:00 PM

Using to make dinner reservations

Does anyone use Open Table's website to make reservations? I have yet to meet anyone who uses them regularly. Is it reliable? Or all dependent upon the restaurant itself?
Thanks for any feedback.

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  1. I use it all the time and have never had a problem. It's especially helpful for a last minute reservation in a particular area of town.

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    1. re: Hunter

      Same here. I love it -- and it's a great way to get ideas of where to go.

    2. I've used it several times and never had a problem, although the restaurant almost always calls you back to confirm.

      1. I used it last week to make reservations in a town I had not visited previously (got the food recs from CH). Worked like a dream, and I got a confirmation email for each place.

        1. We have used opentable with great success for the last 3 years in several different cities. I'd guess that we make our reservations through them now for about 90% of the meals we eat out. The system hasn't ever let us down and no restaurant has ever been suprised that we were showing up, so I have no question at all about the reliability. Opentable can't, of course, affect what's actually happening at the restaurant, but the reservations process has worked perfectly for us dozens of times now.

          1. yes it is very reliable and you earn opentable vouchers to redeem at participating restaurants