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Jun 6, 2007 11:26 AM

What wine with Indian?

What kind of wine would you pair with a "beginners" Indian menu? Think butter chicken, naan, chick pea salad, lentils....

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  1. A nice soft Riesling or Gerwurtztraminer usually does the trick. For Riesling, I would recommend the St. Urbans-Hof from Germany. The Pierre Sparr Gerwurtztraminer from Alsace, France is likewise dependable year in, year out.

    If you prefer red wine, I would pick one that emphasizes the fruit flavours not tannins. A young Beaujolais such as the Louis Jadot Combe aux Jacques would do just fine. Likewise appealing would be an inexpensive, not extensively oak-aged Syrah like the La Vielle Ferme.

    The wines are all around or under $20 too.

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    1. re: bogie

      Would tend to agree with bogie. It's not easy matching an Indian menu with wines... don't overspend. Also, stick with lower alcohol content to de-emphasize the heat. Spice tends to overwhelm subtleties in the wine.

    2. Try Kingfisher beer (Most thrilling chilled). :-) No, seriously... I watch this post with interest because we have never found a good match.

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        I would suggest a nice vinho verde. Lower alcohol content, a little fruity. Depending on what you're cooking, of course. This would be common ground for many dishes. I've seen a good shiraz work well with some daals, or a korma. The Indian Rice Factory is pretty good on mixing their food with wine.

      2. Beer.

        If I really wanted a wine I'd go with an off-dry Gewurztraminer, a Spatlese-level German Riesling, or a Champagne.

        1. Zinfandels are nice with lamb curry

          1. I'm a wine guy who rarely drinks beer, but IMO a good beer is a better match for Indian food than even a great wine.