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Jun 6, 2007 10:47 AM

Italian for 50th Birthday Celebration

I have friends who want to host a 50th birthday party for about twenty at an Italian restaurant in Manhattan. My first suggestion was Del Posto. Anyone with other ideas for something special. Private room a plus but not necessary. Thanks.

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  1. Heven't been there in quite a while -- Il Nido is very old-school. but fabulous. Excellent food, Excellent service. Perfect for a special occasion. It's mid-town East. It's a little stuffy, though.. depends what kind of atmosphere you are looking for...

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      I was there recently for dinner and it was packed! With young'uns. Carbonara was delicious. And all the waiters in their white jackets have been there forever.

      Dont forget about Il Mulino and Il Cantinori...

    2. Fiamma! My top choice in Soho......Beautiful atmosphere; great food.

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        new chef! Have you been there since Michael White left?

      2. I think Del Posto is a great place for large group dining, and the decor and service will be something that a 50th year old appreciates. The inside is a bit dim-light and very spacious. The food is rustic yet serves in upscale style (small portion on big white decorative ceramic plates). Everytime I dine there I see families sitting in round table. Food, especially pasta which is Batali's specialty, is fantastic. In general I think Del Posto is a good choice for group celebration.

        If you prefer a more cozy restaurant, then Hearth will be a good choice. The food there is slight more contemporary, yet simple and comforting. The service is impeccable and the staff is very friendly. It is great for family dinners, and more causal than Del Posto.

        Hope you have a wonderful 50th Birthday party!