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Jun 6, 2007 10:42 AM

late afternoon lunch in tribeca, soho or west village

We're looking for a good option for a late lunch for 4 for my husband and parents on Sunday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. Just about any cuisine is acceptable, as long as it's not overly spicy (mom) or carb-loaded (dad). Good food is important, availability of reservations would be ideal, and somewhere that's not too crowded or loud would be great. Hoping to spend >$50 per person.


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    1. Tribeca - Landmarc - classic bistro fare
      Soho - Centovini for Italian formal (relatively) dining, Cafe Falai for Italian tapas

      1. Café de Bruxelles, Greenwich Avenue at 13th Street.

            1. re: jinet12

              Balthazar is a lively French bistro and can be noisy (and fun).

            2. my favorite places open all day:
              Tribeca - Cercle Rouge (outside when it's nice)
              Soho - Balthazar (sadly, no outdoor seating)
              West Village - Gusto (also nice outdoor cafe)

              inicidentally, had a bad few snacks at Falai on Lafayette - Falai Panetteria on LES is much better