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late afternoon lunch in tribeca, soho or west village

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We're looking for a good option for a late lunch for 4 for my husband and parents on Sunday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. Just about any cuisine is acceptable, as long as it's not overly spicy (mom) or carb-loaded (dad). Good food is important, availability of reservations would be ideal, and somewhere that's not too crowded or loud would be great. Hoping to spend >$50 per person.


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    1. Tribeca - Landmarc - classic bistro fare
      Soho - Centovini for Italian formal (relatively) dining, Cafe Falai for Italian tapas

      1. Café de Bruxelles, Greenwich Avenue at 13th Street.

            1. re: jinet12

              Balthazar is a lively French bistro and can be noisy (and fun).

            2. my favorite places open all day:
              Tribeca - Cercle Rouge (outside when it's nice)
              Soho - Balthazar (sadly, no outdoor seating)
              West Village - Gusto (also nice outdoor cafe)

              inicidentally, had a bad few snacks at Falai on Lafayette - Falai Panetteria on LES is much better

              1. Odeon shouldn't be too hard to get a reservation in. The food is good, the service is suprisingly friendly and patient (we always linger way too long after brunch there), the prices aren't too high and it's not too loud.

                1. Aquagrill takes reservations.