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Jun 6, 2007 10:36 AM

Syracuse NY eateries?

I am moving to Watertown NY for the next few years and am looking for restaurants suggestions in the area. Is there anything good in Watertown/Sackets Harborg or is driving into Syracuse my best bet? Thanks!

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  1. Dinosaur BBQ in 'Cuse.

    1. I feel your pain ;-) My sister lives in nearby Clayton (check it out, it's Alex Bay without the tourists) and her daughter teaches school in Watertown.

      Your best option might be to drive to Kingston, Ontario ("The Canadian Riviera") via the TI Bridge. It's about an hour's drive and Kingston has a lot of good dining options (check the Ontario board).

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        Thank you so much! An hour drive isn't bad at all and I have to admit that I've driven much farther for food :)

      2. I have fond memories of a big plate of fish & chips at Kitty Hoynes. And I don't like fried food. The Belgian place (Blue Tusk) is cool. Dinosaur BBQ has great live bands (haven't eaten there yet, but it sure looks good).


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          What makes Blue Tusk Belgian? The website doesn't mention food, only booze, and doesn't even mention Belgian Beer.

          [I should note that although I advised the OP to travel in a different direction from Watertown, I'll be in Syracuse for a weekend next month and my little brother won't give me that option -- he's a Syracuse booster -- and I'd like to come well-armed with Syracuse suggestions myself.]

        2. As previously stated, Katy Hoynes has good fish and chips. The Dnosaur is terrific, but plan to go during a non-meal hour to get in. It is a biker bar, with great ribs and barbecue, excellent beans and slaw. For steaks, Saratoga Steaks or Scotch & Sirloin, for German food Danzers, for Irish try Coleman's on Tipperary Hill, and for good American style dining try the Arad Evans house. Pascales is good as well as Lemon Grass at Armory square. Since I live in LI, I cannot tell you the instantaneous status of the above places.

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            I'm not a fan of Saratoga Steaks or Scotch & Sirloin. I can get a much better steak at the Pricechopper Market than either of those places. If you really want German food, I think Webers is more authentic than Danzers. Arad Evans is OK, but not particularly interesting. Pascales is overpriced and over-rated. I avoid it like the palgue. I have never had a good meal at Coleman's. Lemon Grass, on the other hand, is excellent. For high end, you can also try BC and L'Adour, both of which are also excellent. Dinosaur is lots of fun. Good ribs, pulled pork, fried green tomatoes. The crowd is an interesting mix of bikers and white collar types. I like to go there later in the evening when the music is going. Even at busy times, the service is efficient, and it's a fun place to hang out waiting for a table. Pho Saigon is excellent Vietnamese.

            You should check this board, if you haven't already, for postings about the Watertown & St. Lawrence area. There were some recent posts about places around Sacketts Harbor and I seem to remember seeing something about a Korean place in Watertown that folks raved about. Kingston is also an excellent idea, depending upon border wait times.

          2. I grew up in WAtertown and still go to visit. It's pretty much a culinary wasteland but there's great Italian food at Sboro's and Fairgrounds Inn both on Arsenal St. The best breakfast is at Longway's Truck Stop a mile or two out of town on Rts. 11 and 342. Fried fish and fresh donuts, homemade macaroni salad, etc. for take out at Jean's Beans. The Red Lobser there is the best I've ever eaten at and for down home stuff there's the country chain Cracker Barrel.