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Tucanos of Albuquerque

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I was in New Mexico for a conference overnight and stopped into Tucanos (Brazilian bbq) on the recommendation of the staff and a random tourist at my hotel. $18.95 got me everything but dessert and my amazing Xingha Brazilian dark stout (I'm a sucker for stouts). The meats they brought out were pretty good, though a couple of the beef choices were charred, gristly and generally uneatable. I was a fan of the contra coxa (sweet/spicy chicken), peru (bacon-wrapped turkey), fraldinha (beef tender) and picalho (garlic parmesean beef). I was largely disappointed with the pork choices, and the seafood of the day tasted like coconut fish sticks. Service was pretty speedy, but the waiters weren't the most adept and handling large knives. We had a guy drop a large piece of meat right onto the middle of the table and another actually completely lose his handle on his 12" blade, dropping it about a foot to the side of my arm. Yeesh.

The salad bar was decent, and I loved the cheese mashed potatos with beef stroganoff on top and the spicy veggie and beef soup.

Has anyone else been here? I'm used to paying about this much for brazilian bbq but I'm usually more impressed with the meats they have.

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  1. And I'm guessing you actually had to wait for a table, right? I've been once. I steer clear of the place now.

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      I've been there many times. Not the best churrasco I've been to, but the only place in NM where one can get quail eggs and authentic Brasileira pea salad. It's fine for what it is - since I work right there, it's a nice low-carb lunch.