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Jun 6, 2007 10:05 AM

how long do pine nuts last

ive had some in fridge for about 3 months. they should be ok, right?

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  1. I think so - I'd taste one though.

    1. They won't harm you but at some point they go rancid. Keeping them in the freezer seems to make them last a bit longer, I have found.

      1. Sealed tightly in the fridge they should be just about immortal...or at least keep as long as you need them to, assuming that you use more than a tablespoon a year. As long as the oil in them doesn't go rancid they should be all right. In any case, tasting is a good and perfectly safe way to check on their condition, since this isn't one of those things that turn poisonous when they're past their prime.

        1. I can usually smell when nuts go rancid, but if they've been frozen or refrigerated, it might take a little while at room temperature for that nasty, acidic smell to appear. I keep nuts in the freezer, as it gets quite warm here in summer. Even with the house air conditioned, the cabinets are too warm for nuts, oils, flours and grains. I've never had something go rancid in the freezer before I used it.