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Jun 6, 2007 09:57 AM

Anyone been to La Terza recently?

I've heard mixed reviews is the past, but recent reviews have been great. Anyone concur? What should I order?

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  1. I was there about a month ago, and it was excellent. Pretty much everything we tried (and we tried a lot of things) just sung, but I think the pork chops were my favorite.

    1. Brasato al Barolo (I believe spelled as "short ribs on polenta" in the menu).

      Out of this world.

      You won't find anything not even close anywhere in its country of origin, Piemonte.

      1. La Terza has been better than ever recently. They have redecorated, they have a new Chef from Italy, and Gino Angelini, himself, is there cooking almost every evening.

        Everything I've had there has been excellent, especially anything off the rotisserie.

        1. It's amazing. It's near perfection. Try the prosciutto with pears and gorgonzola. Or the pappardelle with wild boar. Best Italian food I've had since I lived in Italy.

          1. I usually stay at the hotel when in LA, so I eat there quite frequently. The food has been spectacular since I started going there last year. Try the agnolotti, which are osso bucco stuffed tortellini, the pork chops, the flat iron steak with arugula and parmesan (it may only be the room service menu), the arancini, and the fettucine with the red sauce, sausage and prosciutto -- I forget the name. The antipasto sampler events (I think Tuesdays) with Nancy Silverman are wonderful. You can pick whatever small plates you like and gorge on those tapas-style. I thought I died and went to heaven when I walked into the restaurant after a long day of meetings that night. I enjoyed a few types of vegetable and fish antipasti, such as brocolli rabe (rapini) and mussels. Other than the price, the only other drawback I can think of is that there always seems to be a new bartender -- but that may not be a problem if you know your wine and drink preferences and are not asking for advice. It must be that they are all aspiring actors :)