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Indian Mangos!!!

Indian mangos are just now for the first time available in this country, reports the LA Times:

So....has anyone see these suckers anywhere in Manhattan yet? I guess you'd know 'em by their price ($4 each or so



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  1. sadly, the ones i ate here in london were good-not-great.

    in any case, mango season is getting over in india as we speak - so hurry up and find them!

    out of curiosity -aren't the esteemed patel bros (in queens) carrying them?

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      I'll go check today. But this nabe is all about the cheapest possible produce. Not much market for premium, much less goormay.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        alphonso mangoes are solidly middle class - if they're here, patels most likely got 'em.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          I happened to be near curry hill today and tried searching for them in any of the surrounding produce markets and indian food stores. I couldn't find them anywhere. I also asked the folks in Kalustyans if they knew where to get them and they didn't know either.

          Maybe we missed the window? Or maybe they didn't come to NYC at all?

        2. re: howler

          Or Langda ? or Dusseri ? :-)

        3. The place I go to is owned and operated by two or three Bangladeshi men. They didn't sound too optimistic or certain about the arrival of Indian mangoes. They'll believe it when they see it,
          I suppose. In the meanwhile, they had some huge beautiful mangoes on sale for a dollar each. Sadly from Guatemala but very appealing though.

          1. I think it will be next mango season before US see's the full assault of indian mangos

            1. The first ones arrived at JFK on April 27, the NY Times reported on May 2 (more than a month before the LAT story). I seem to recall some talk about them here at that time, but no actual sightings.

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              1. re: squid kun

                Next year we should all meet them at the gate. Waving fondly, with placards of good tidings. Good Chowhound field trip.

                1. re: Jim Leff

                  I found them in abundance at Patel Brothers in Jackson Heights last weekend--both alphonso and kesars. And they are wonderful! I think it's not really considered a luxury item in the Indian community--most people I've talked to have pined for these mangoes since they came to the US.

                    1. re: erica

                      The related Patel Bros in Chicago had them a few weeks ago. It was sold by the case only (maybe 12-15 mangoes) for 30-something bucks. The alphonsos are not really the best tasting of the Indian mangoes; they're just the best candidate to survive the journey.

                      1. re: Joe MacBu

                        "The alphonsos are not really the best tasting of the Indian mangoes; they're just the best candidate to survive the journey."

                        no, no, no. mangos are the king of fruits and alphonso is the emperor mango.

                        1. re: howler

                          Puh-leez. Joe is right - the only reason Alphonso has built a reputation is because it is sturdy enough to survive the journey. In Northern India, where the Alphonso is known as Hapus, it is hardly considered in the same league as a Langra or a premium Dussehri, or even the Chausa.

                    2. re: Jackaroo

                      I hope the alphonso look(ed) this good.

                      Look at that color, wow! ---> http://tfphotos.ifas.ufl.edu/update-1...

                2. They have (had) them at an Indian deli on the corner of Lexington and 29th St. They had it advertised on a handwritten note taped to the window. I haven't seen the note for almost 2 weeks now....not sure if they still have them as the season is over for them (mangos).

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                  1. re: pepperlola

                    Thanks SO MUCH! The grocery store is on the SE corner on 29th and Lex. I grabbed a case tonight around 7:30pm.

                    I believe it's called Spice Corner. They had 2 cases of mangoes left when I left. I think they were all Kesar.

                      1. re: Jim Leff

                        even if you've missed the mano season, i'm sure patel bros will have amba wadi or amba papad (amba is mango, i cant translate wadi and papad is - you know papad anyway.) get some! dabbed with black salt, its a divine, addictive snack.

                        ps. if they look puzzled at amba papad, try aam (ahm) papad.

                        1. re: Jim Leff

                          It was awesome. We've already eaten half the box! Indian mangoes make a great breakfast good.

                          It takes a little while to get used to as the flavor is more subtle than a Tommy Atkins. It has definite floral accents, but is still quite juicy, although not as bright tasting as a Mexican mango. I can definitely see where people think it tastes of saffron. My boyfriend, who is not a fan of Mexican mangoes, is now a fan of the Indian mango as it goes down like butter. The pulp is so smooth and creamy!

                      2. the indian ice cream that i'm obsessed with claims to use alphonso mango puree. perhaps that's the x factor, because it's the best mango ice cream i've tasted.

                        1. I know this is the Manhattan board, but if anyone's willing to take a drive (or a train ride) to New Jersey, I saw some in Edison last week. About $35 a case, I believe.

                          1. Apparently, we can potentially see *other* Indian mangoes sometime again soon because the various varieties ripen at different times. Kesar is an early variety. Alphonso midseason.
                            Fajri, Fernnadin, Mulgoa, Neelum, and Chausa are all late season varieties.

                            Look ---> http://images.google.com/imgres?imgur...

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                            1. re: Cheese Boy

                              Thanks for the heads up. I jdid some research and found article in the NJ Star-Ledger from late May that said:

                              " According to the Indian government's Press Information Bureau, India is currently exporting Alphonso, Banganpalli and Kesar, the early maturing mango varieties, with other varieties, such as Langra, Chausa, Mallika and Dussheri, proposed for export in the latter part of the mango season. Locally, Alphon sos may be available for just another week, with Kesar mangoes from India available until the end of June, said Patel."

                              Anybody seen any Banganpalli mangoes? All the news reports that the shipments coming into the US are Alphonso and Kesars.

                              1. re: kathryn

                                LA Times says Banganpallis, grown in the south of India, are coming into LA this week. Hmm...

                            2. Mangos are a thing in Jackson Heights. During the season, you will hear barkers outside the groceries yelling about their mangos. They sound like auctioneers. According to an Indian friend of mine from upstate New York, the neighborhood is known as the place to go for the best mangos (the varieties that Indians like).

                              1. I was at the BABBP yesterday stopeed by the Bread Bar at Tabla for a drink and saw a basket of mangoes on the Patio Bar. I asked the bartender about them and he told me that they had gotten Indian mangoes and were giving fresh sliced indian mangoes to all guest who ate at Tabla and Bread Bar on saturday and sunday. This was a promotion with the Indian Consulate and was at no charge. They served me two kinds which was not like any mango i had ever eaten before. The best I have ever eaten.

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                                1. re: Fantaleo

                                  Yes, those were certainly great mangos at Tabla. They are not Alphonsos however. But the kind that is gooey sweet and un-stringy. Floyd (chef at Tabla) said he's got 100 cases, but he's been seving them all weekend, so any interested parties should get themselves there.

                                  1. re: YaRoo

                                    I purchased a box of 12 today from Jackson Heights, they're the Kesar variety and cost $32. It's very sweet and not stringy at all, didn't really taste that mangoey but very very sweet. They had Alphonso's too, a box of 16 for $35. They also have an Alphonso ice cream which was pretty good, very creamy and light. There are two stores that have them, on the corner of 37th ave and 73rd street, the two stores are next to each other.

                                    1. re: lanadai

                                      I'm a little slow, but....

                                      The old Jackson Diner (years ago, long before the move, back when it was superb) used to tout that their mango lassis contained mangos you can't get anywhere else. And they were uncommonly tasty. And I'm just realizing now that they must have had a stash of one of these varieties (likely frozen).

                                        1. re: Jim Leff

                                          that's got to be why the mastani brand mango ice cream is so amazingly delicious.

                                          1. re: wleatherette

                                            Where can I buy this Mastani ice cream?

                                            1. re: davisready

                                              there's a place on 29th between 3rd and lex (south side of the street) that recently started selling it. i forget the name, but they have sweets and a steam table and now a big ice cream cooler.

                                    2. re: Fantaleo

                                      Devi is also featuring a Kesar tasting menu right now. I had it last night, and it was wonderful--especially the tandoori halibut with mango sauce and the silky, silky mango panna cotta.

                                    3. I mentioned in another board that I bought a case of mangoes in my local Indian market in New Jersey about 2 weeks ago - for $6.99...about 14 to 16 in a box. They were from Mexico which didn't stop the Indian shoppers from snapping them up. The taste was great but ripened so quickly that I had to refrigerate the remaining ones.

                                      1. I saw some in a box outside the Dual Specialty Store on 1st Avenue between 5th and 6th in Manhattan this evening - I think they were priced at $3.50 a piece but I was hurrying past....