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Jun 6, 2007 08:57 AM

Savanna, IL

Going camping at the Mississippi Palisades in a couple of weeks - would anyone have recommendations for places to eat at Savanna, IL? Anything at all, lunch / dinner / ice cream. Thanks!

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  1. There is a Chamber of Commerce site that has a dining link and some places are listed, chains and otherwise. This is unknown territory for me, though. Hope others will chime in. Maybe there are some camping forums to post on?

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      Yes, I found the COC site today but I was hoping to get opinions from people. I haven't had any luck yet for finding good camping forums. Thanks anyone for any thoughts!

      1. re: ParmLover

        A few years ago there was a definitive post on that corner of the state you might be able to find by searching under Northwestern Illinois. Don't forget to search under Iowa and Dubuque, too.

        Good luck. Enjoy the breathtaking Palisades and the rugged river town of Savanna.

    2. I answered your question over on another site, We have been to Buck's Barn in Savanna which is very much like a Wisconsin super club. Check other site for the link I gave you for directions. Also nearby is Timmerman's, a long time super club in the Dubuque area with great views of the Mississippi valley.