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Jun 6, 2007 08:55 AM

Best "Upscale" Breakfast?

My mother-in-law is in town starting next weekend, so my wife and I are taking advantage of having a full-time babysitter to do a few things we no longer have the opportunity to do very often. One of those things is going out for an "upscale" breakfast on Saturday morning.

We've done the Balthazar/Pastis thing, so are looking for something different...maybe something with a view, or in a neighborhood good for strolling afterwards. Great food is the most important factor, however.

We'd appreciate your suggestions!

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  1. Are you talking buffet or non-buffet here? Price ceiling?

    I would have recommended Ouest but they only do brunch on Sundays.

    1. Blue Ribbon Bakery would be my pick. Get there early to get a good spot on line... I think they open at 11 or 11:30. Note: the best time to go and not have to wait on the weekend is 3:30, right at the end of brunch.

      1. You can do brunch at A Voce since they had opened up the outdoor (patio) seating in the summer! YUM!

        1. No view, or a good neighborhood to stroll, but for a really special breakfast, one that will impress your Mother-In-Law, take her to Norma' for reservations...

          1. Not exactly upscale, but at $12.99/pound, it's definitely an indulgence - City Bakery.

            If you're having a late-ish breakfast, Clinton Street Baking Co. gets my vote.