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Fresh Dates?

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Anyone know if fresh dates are available right now? Where can I get them?

Also looking for sugar can juice, actual pure sugar can juice, not the mixed beverages.


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  1. Sugarcane juice can be got (freshly squeezed in front of your face) at a cart in front of Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa, or else sometimes at a cart in front of Hong Kong Superstore in San Gabriel. I'm sure there are more places but these are the two that I know of.

    "Fresh" dates (they're still wrinkly) can be got from the date vendor at the Saturday morning market across from UCI (behind In-N-Out at Campus and Bridge Sts.)

    1. fresh dates are also available at the Saturday farmers' market in Pasadena.

      1. Pretty much every farmers market I go to has someone selling dates. That would include the Hollywood, Santa Monica, Alhambra, and Venice markets. There are even a few varieties to choose from.

        1. kind of depends on what you mean by "fresh". not to get all pedantic, but the dates in the market right now are dried. truly fresh dates are available only for a fairly short period in August-September.

          1. Thanks everyone,

            I'm looking for the dates that FED is talking about. I wasn't sure if it was the season yet but I remembered seeing them around before.

            I'll have to check out the mitsuwa in Costa Mesa for that sugarcan juice too.

            1. I have seen fresh dates at Jon's on Vermont. I get freshsquezed cane juice at A1 Market on Sunset.

              1. I've never been disappointed by the big fat medjools at Elat market on Pico and Robertson.. that's the only place I'll get them (persian market) and they're relatively inexpensive

                1. Hi, BobMack!
                  Last year just as the summer was ending we saw fresh dates, on the stem, at the Armenian/Middle Eastern Super King Market (2716 North San Fernando Road in L.A. - #323.225-0044). Give them a call. I have also seen them at Larry's Produce in Northridge (9043 Reseda Blvd. - #818.773-0469). You might want to ask them as well.

                  The first time I purchased several stems of fresh dates, I left them on the counter for many days (maybe a couple of weeks) until they became a little bit translucent; they are much sweeter at this stage. The next time I bought them I could not wait and found them delicious even before they had ripened a little. They are not terribly expensive, so you might want to buy more than you think you want!

                  Sugar cane juice, freshly squeezed, is available at many of the Banh Mi places on Valley Boulevard in the San Gabriel Valley. Specifically, I often enjoy it from Banh Mi Che Cali, just a few doors down from Restaurant 888 on the corner. They have always had it when I am in there.