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Jun 6, 2007 08:41 AM

Vermont Natural Casing Hot Dogs

Any recommendations on the best ones available in supermarkets? Tried Essem and McKenzie(?), not too impressed. Thanks

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  1. I take it since you're mentioned Essem, you're talking about dogs available in Vermont, not necessarily made there.

    Around here (VT/NH border), I can get natural casing dogs from Deutschmacher (NJ), North Country Smokehouse (Claremont, NH), and, occasionally, Green Mountain Smokehouse (Ascutney or Windsor, VT, not sure, they are by the border).

    Personally, I prefer Hummel Bros. hot dogs, but the only way I get those here is to buy them in VT or some parts of MA and bring them home.

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    1. re: kaszeta

      Thanks, yes I meant available in VT, I'm near Bellows Falls, what supermarkets/stores carry these?

      1. re: jakeyd

        I'm in the Upper Valley, so I can get all of these but the Hummels from from the Hanover Coop. Oddly, the Lebanon branch of the Coop doesn't have Deutschmachers. The Price Chopper in West Leb has the Deutschmachers as well.

        The Green Mountain Smokehouse dogs seem to be occasional items in the grocery store. Usually you have to get them from the source.

        The North Country Smokehouse stuff seems ubiquitous around here, so take a look around.

        I mistyped on the Hummels, I can only get those in CT (where they are made) or MA (Springfield).

        Next time I'm down that way I'll take a look in Claremont and Springfield VT to see what I can find.