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Jun 6, 2007 08:21 AM

New Restaurant in Rockville, MD?

Does anyone have any info about "Tyson's Restaurant and Buffet," opening today at the dowdy shopping center at the corner of Montrose Road and Nebel Street in Rockville. Passed by this am and saw a balloon arch and hand-stenciled sign announcing the Grand opening.

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  1. I noticed that yesterday too! I would definitely be interested if anyone has information, the place looks so huge!

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      I work in that area and they fliered my car yesterday. It claims to be a high quality all you can eat buffet for $7.95. I think the flier said something about combining multiple types of cuisines. The pictures featured Asian food, seafood, and fruit. I think the emphasis from the flier was on quantity and for $7.95 not much else.

      1. re: gooseterp

        my colleagues ate there today and were not impressed. the said the food was not hot and everything tasted the same. it's only the second day of operation though- so maybe worth trying in a little bit. they also said the lines to get in were out the door. we are regulars at the Chinese buffet at the corner of Rockville Pike and Nicholson (forget the name) but they all said that was much better.

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          Yes I agree the Chinese buffet at the corner of Rockville Pike and Nicholson, I think it's called Fortune Star, is much better. I went to Tyson's Buffet about a month ago and was initially impressed by the amount of food and selection, but the taste and execution of the dishes just didn't come out right. I believe Tyson's Buffet is less expensive so some patrons might be drawn to that.

          1. re: ctg

            Gaithersburg is a bit farther, but behind Lakeforest Mall is a chinese buffet place (City Lite) that I think is much better than Fortune Star.

    2. We had a birthday celebration w/ 30 guests at Tyson Buffet. The food so-so. It's like any that you would find at your average Chinese buffet - definitely nothing special. We called ahead to find out if we could bring an ice cream cake prior to the celebration and were told that this would be fine. We dropped off the cake and told the lady at the front counter to please put it in the freezer. Dinner was at 7:30. By the time we asked for the cake, it came out and it was a mushy melted mess b/c they DID NOT put it in the freezer as requested but had placed it in the refrigerator!!!! The lady at the front counter claimed she did not know anything although she was the one that the cake was handed to!!!! We asked to speak to the manager who was defensive and changed his story. First he claimed that we did not notify them that it was an ice cream cake. When we argued that we did he suddenly said that it was in the freezer and that he put it there himself. He said that they open and close the freezer constantly so that is why the cake is now a big inedible mushy mess. So we asked him if all the food in his freezer is soft and mushy and he once again got defensive. We had 30 people waiting for cake and no cake to serve. He did not offer an apology, another cake or any type of compensation. We will NEVER go to this place again!!!

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        Who would bring food INTO a restaurant...guess anyone that might bring a movie into a MOVIE Theater and say - show this! LOL LOL The place is good - HUGE - BIGGEST and widest selection I've ever seen. Oh, and I was the only "Occidental" in the whole packed place! Most everything was labeled. The squishy, tentacled, or unrecognizable things I passed on...but everyone seemed to love them!

      2. Yeah - the first mistake here would be the key word, "BUFFET"

        Save your money for quality, fresh, cooked to order food.

        For the record I went in to take a look at the place one saturday after going to Staples next door - the food looked like your basic mish-mash of chinese/sushi type stuff. It didn't look bad - but didn't look good either.

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        1. re: MFoxM

          From one who actually ate at Tyson's, the food was pretty good, given the large # of selections, some unrecognizable to an "Occidental", and the general tumult. But they have a made to order Pho counter, a grill turning out beef, sardines, and other fish, as well as a dessert bar with bean cakes, cookies and tarts. Various dumplings, shu mai, etc were good if you get them before they sit too long. The concession to other food, such as french fries, chocolate pudding and baked potatoes, showed the infirmity there, but many non "Occidental" kids were loading up on fries and mac and cheese. Fantastic? No. Chow-worthy? Yes, with the AYCE caveat that not everything is good or worth trying, and you will have dirty plates on your table longer than you want.