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Jun 6, 2007 07:45 AM

Moroccan Dinner, after Sat. Matinee


Looking for a moderately priced moraccan restaurant for a group of 4 adults after a Sat. matinee. Neighborhod/location not terribly important as we will have plenty of time after the show. We all have adventurous palettes and there is specific request for a good tangine. Liquor license not required...we don't drink much and/or could bring our own.


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  1. Azza-definitely pure moroccan, lots of tagines on the menu and a really nice space. (but i would avoid the downstairs lounge like the plague on a saturday)
    If everyone is not into tagine, you may want to consider Marseille, lots of moroccan influences on the menu (couscous with lamb, kefta and merguez may not be a tagine but is stunning) but also has some french/mediterranean options. and everything is good.