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Jun 6, 2007 07:30 AM

Places near centreville and chantilly

Looking for korean places of all kinds (BBQ, noodles, tofu) places around this area. Also searching for a good pho place. I hear Pho 90 might be good. Any thougths?

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  1. Thai Palace:
    14410 Chantilly Crossing Ln
    Chantilly, VA 20151

    (703) 378-8277

    Its in a strip mall, but its family owned and has very good thai, better than most in dc. Ask for it thai hot, and they will make it very authentic for you.

    PHO: There is a new place where the wendy's and the 7-11 is next to the boxing place, near the target. Best pho in the area, the broth actually tastes like they used the right amount of star anise and bones to make the stock. Very good, better than most of the other pho places in the area.

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      That pho place is Pho 98, and I will definitely second that recommendation, both for its pho and the few other things on the menu (mainly noodle bowls). FWIW, that place is also one of the most attractive Vietnamese eateries in this area.

    2. I work in the Chantilly area. The place right at Rts. 50 and 28 (on 50) is a buffet type place with lots of Korean, Chinese and Japanese foods, but the quality is surprisingly good and some of the Korean dishes taste like what you get from the good Korean restaurants.

      Speaking of good Korean restaurants, Woo Lae Oak is the favorite of the Korean Embassy. It has long been in the Pentagon City area, but about a year or so ago, it opened a nice outpost in Tysons Corner about 15-20 minutes from Chantilly. It's absolutely worth the trip if you're looking for the best in Korean cuisine.

      1. Cheogajip in Centreville for Korean fried chicken, just posted about it a second ago in a different thread.

        I like Pho 98 a lot (see Bob W's reply). I also enjoy Pho Bistro in Centreville.

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          The owners of Pho Bistro are Vietnamese. We've been patrons since they opened a few years ago. But most of the Asian patrons are Koreans due to the large number of Koreans living in Centreville. They also have a location in Ashburn.

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            I 2nd (3rd) the recommendation for Phô 98 as well. I've never been disappointed in the half-dozen or so times I've eaten there since it opened. Service is quick and attentive and the food is plentiful. Check out their website at

          2. In Centreville, in the Centrewood shopping center, Pho Bistro is the best pho place around. It's two doors down from Ciro's Pizza right near the auto parts store.

            1. I really like Pho Lulu in Centerville. Near Pho Bistro and I believe better. Very rich broth. No suggestions for Korean, I have not yet explored that.