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Best non-nut dutch apple pie besides Pie N Burger

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I hear the pieces are small and expensive at Pie N Burger.

Well, now, that won't do at all! A good slice of apple pie should thump on the table!

So, where can I get dutch apple pie-with the yummy crumbly topping- that "whomps" properly and tastes good- WITHOUT NUTS?

Also, a good milkshake on the side is necessary.

And perhaps caramel sauce!

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  1. Okay, although I've only been to Pie N Burger once, one thing that I remember was that the piece of pie was *huge*. I tried a slice of the fresh strawberry pie, and it was the largest slice of pie that I've had anywhere.

    The only other place that comes to mind are the chains that serve pies.

    Long Beach may be too far for you, but recently a lot of people have been talking about the really good pies at Bake & Broil. I am planning to check it out down the line. I do not know for sure if they have apple, though. Apparently, they change what they offer daily.

    1. My favorite is at Marie Callendar's of all places, but they call it French Apple for some reason. Not sure about the nuts...

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        The crumbly topping is brown-sugar laden and more than ample at MC's; plus, the apples are perfectly caramelized.

        Another contender is also Costco's.

      2. It's been a while, but I think the Filing Station in Orange (http://www.fillingstationcafe.com/ ) does a pretty good version, with caramel on top, f I recall correctly. Their pies are bigger than the usual 8 inches (10 or 12, maybe), so a slice should thump pretty well.

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          yeah, and covered with walnuts!

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            Ops. Sorry about that. Like I said, it's been a while since I've had a slice.

        2. I think that Baker's Square tops Costco and Marie Calendars for a most of the time very good apple pie. The only thing hat I don't particularly cae for is that they put these big sugar cristals on top.

          1. Delilah Bakery's apple crunch pie
            (call ahead to see if they have it)

            1. I wholeheartedly second The Filling Station in Orange. Their pies are homemade and works of art. Order a whole pie ahead of time and ask them to leave out the nuts; they will make to order. They are insanely affordable and yummy. My friend had a whiskey and pie birthday party and I brought their humungous apple pie with carmel dripped all over the top. It was the hit of the party. Their pies, from the homemade, perfectly crafted crusts to the fresh, flavorful innards, are truly exceptional. Worth the trip!

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              1. re: la_vena

                Yea, but as I sadi above in this VERY POST. FFS uses NUTS in thier apple pie ad other pies. Nut allergy=I can't eat pie at FFS.

                Do people read the threads in a post?

                1. re: Diana

                  You didn't say you were allergic, just that you didn't WANT nuts. Given that, la vena's suggestion was a good one.

                  I think you'll be hard-pressed to find any bakery that uses no nuts anywhere in anything. I would suggest you go over to the Home Cooking Board and solicit recipes.

                  1. re: Will Owen

                    I've said I'm nut allergic in thousands of other posts, I though I said it here, but I didn't read my own OP. I guess I answered my own question!

                    I DID say, however, "NON NUT" in the title and "WITHUT NUTS" in the post. Wouldn't that be enough to clue people in to the fact that I didn't want nuts?

                    Although a lot of people on here know I am allergic

                    But yes, there are places that make pies without nuts in them. That is pretty good. Usually they are nut free enough to avoid contamination, and some place even avoid nuts whatsoever.

                    Also, I wanted an apple pie without nuts, and FFS's apple pie DEFINITELY has nust in it, it's even on the menu description.